Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Muslimah Shabazz

Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Muslimah Shabazz

Plus Model Muslimah has been the face of Ashley Stewart for numerous campaigns. Landing a dream client, like Ashley Stewart, does not come around very often unless you are an amazing model and know how to bring exactly what the client is looking for so creating a great relationship and working as the client asks is key. This month – Ashley Stewart brings us plus model Muslimah and PLUS brings you closer to one of your favorite models.

[Maddy] You have been the face for Ashley Stewart for quite some time now. How long have you been working with Ashley Stewart?

[Muslimah] I have been modeling for Ashley Stewartfor 4.5 years; they were one of my first clients.  Love them to death, I consider them family.

[Maddy] Ashley Stewart’s new campaign features amazing denim styles and edgy combinations to compliment a woman’s curves. Can you tell us about the new line and about this amazing campaign shoot that you were in?

[Muslimah] This was the best shoot we have ever had!! The clothes, are like you said, edgy trendy.  For a while I thought they had lost that sexiness but they are definitely going back to it.  I felt like I was doing a music video during the shoot – there was a smoke machine in the background!  The hair stylist Will Robinson made my hair look fierce and the MUA Ashunta Sheriff was fabulous!! Darius the stylist always makes Ashley Stewart clothes look amazing!!! They are an absolute dream team!!

[Maddy] Once you had a few Ashley Stewart campaigns under your belt I’m sure people began to notice you in public, how do you handle this?

[Muslimah] Funny you ask… there’s an Ashley Stewart really close to where I live and people around my neighborhood will see me on the streets, walk by and then do a double take. I know that they recognize me from the campaigns.  I have always said that I would rather have fortune than fame I’m not used to people staring.

[Maddy] Can you take us back to the very beginning? How did you begin your start as a model?

[Muslimah] My boyfriend at the time suggested it to me.  He told me about plus size modeling and how the girls were my size; I then went online and researched modeling. I researched the modeling agencies in my area and attended the open calls and got signed on the spot.

[Maddy] If you were not a model, what would your career path be?

[Muslimah] If I weren’t modeling I probably would be pursuing my Marketing degree, not sure what field; most likely in sales.

[Maddy] A few models have shared with me that traveling and going to castings can be draining – was there anything unexpected that you learned once you began modeling?

[Muslimah] Wear comfortable shoes, bring lots of powder, and be prepared for anything.

[Maddy] What do you like most about modeling? Least?

[Muslimah] I love everything there is about this job; it allows me to become a different person with each outfit, client and location. I love meeting new talented people and learning their backgrounds.  The traveling, the hours and pay; you can’t beat the many perks and opportunities you have with a career like this.  I’m very lucky and blessed to live the life I live.  If I had one complaint about the job it would be waiting for your check can be grueling!!

[Maddy]  Out of all the places your modeling career has taken you – where was the most memorable?

[Muslimah] London, my boyfriend came with me and we had a great time.

[Maddy]  How do you maintain your model physique?

[Muslimah] I work out religiously, lots of strength training and I mix it up with kickboxing and running for cardio.  I like to enjoy good food so I need to work out to balance it out.

[Maddy] Do you test often to build your book?

[Muslimah] Testing is extremely important!! I don’t test enough, especially with the economy being so terrible.  It’s a catch 22 you need to save your money but at the same time you have to test in order to make money. My agents would love it if I tested four times a year, I average about two.  Clients like to see new pictures of models, because it lets them see a models progression.  It keeps them updated on models looks, plus you never know when a new casting director is starting at a new job.  So first impressions are everything!

[Maddy]  What advice do you have for new models?

[Muslimah] The advice I have for new models is “Don’t get caught up in what other models are doing.  Just focus on yourself; make sure you are doing what it takes to be a great model.”

[Maddy] Excellent advice. Thank you so much for taking time for PLUS.

Muslimah’s 10 Fun Facts:

1. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? I prefer Dunkin over Starbucks, even though I’m from Seattle. J

2. My kind of guy is (1) Sports/Muscle  (2) Smart/Cute N Geeky  (3) Wall St meets Mr. Big  (4) other:
(1) Love muscular men my boyfriend is a bodybuilder

3. What designer would you like to work with and why? I would love to work with designers for Louis Vuitton; they make their models look fabulous.

4. When I’m not working I’m most likely: If the weather is nice I enjoy running and exploring the city and trying out a new restaurant for lunch.

5. Movies: Funny or Horror? Love big Summer time blockbuster movies, the ones that get the worst reviews – I love to laugh.