What to do When Your Shoot Turns from Catalog to Lingerie

What to do When Your Shoot Turns from Catalog to Lingerie

I was booked for a catalog shoot and they decided to throw in some lingerie which I am not comfortable doing. What is the proper protocol in a situation like this?

When I hear a story like this I can’t help but think of that scene in the original “Fame” movie where Coco takes off her shirt for the photographer and starts crying. No one made her take it off; she gave over her power and was a scared little girl. If you don’t feel comfortable not doing something at a shoot…don’t do it. Even if it does not contain nudity and it may only be a swimsuit or lingerie you do not have to do it, if you don’t want to. A model friend of mine declined a shoot because she was going to be portrayed as a “dumpy fat girl” in the photo. She wasn’t comfortable being portrayed that way so she didn’t do it. Her agent was not happy, but she was able to hold her head up high and in the long run her agent respected her for it.

As for the proper protocol:

1)   Call your agent A.S.A.P!!!! If it is after business hours or your agent is not at their desk you should always have their cell phone #. Your agent will handle it from then on…because your agent negotiates the contract with the client, not you.

2)   If you don’t have an agent, politely say “I am here to only shoot the clothing that was originally agreed upon”. OR be brutally honest and say “I am not comfortable shooting lingerie and it would not produce quality pictures.”

I’ve been on shoots where a model wasn’t “prepared” to shoot lingerie (not properly shaved/ not bathing suit ready) and declined to model the article of clothing. If the client is truly legit they should not try to “sneak” in clothing that has not been agreed upon by you. Also, with a lot of web shooting out there you have to remember sometimes pictures could end up where you don’t want them to…so don’t compromise your morals or your “gut feeling”.

As I always say, “this is your business” and you represent you.