Meeting with an Agent for the First Time

Meeting with an Agent for the First Time

My first suggestion, for you who do not have a lot of interview experience, would be to role-play with an acquaintance. Have them “act” as an agent and pose questions to you. You will be amazed at how nervous you might be, even though it is “just pretend”. Practicing like this helps your mind and body learn how to deal with the “nerves” and not let them get the best of you. It is important to be comfortable, since after this interview you will most likely start being sent out on go-sees. No agent wants their model so nervous she doesn’t look or act professional. Professional models are known for their composure under pressure!

As far as questions they may ask when meeting with an Agent for the first time:

1)    Do you know about our agency? (You should since you should have done research and your homework!)
2)    How long have you been modeling as a hobby?
3)    Have you booked a paying gig?
4)    Do your measurements fluctuate?
5)    Do you have on-camera experience?
6)    Do you have runway experience?
7)    How is your schedule and how far do you live from here?
8)    Do you have any questions for me?

Here are questions you can ask them:

1)    How big is your roster?
2)    Do you have other girls that look like me?
3)    Do you see me as high-fashion or commercial print?
4)    What types of pics would you like to see in my book for a stronger impact?
5)    Does your agency have an on-camera dept. and would I be considered for on-camera work as well or could I audition for them?
6)    Do you work with freelance or only signed clients?

Remember: these agents are human!!!! Be your beautiful, confident self. Agents want to work with models that have personality…not robots.

All the best,
Larissa Laurel