Our Interview With Cover Model, Emma Meyer

Our Interview With Cover Model, Emma Meyer

Emma Meyer came into our lives as a Torrid model search finalist almost two years ago.

Opening up herself to the possibility that she could be a working model, she dove into the modeling industry and has been fortunate to have the doors opened for her. Working with both Ford and Images NYC, she’s booked clients such as Old Navy, MXM and JC Pennys. She now graces the cover of PLUS Model Magazine.

Is the industry changing, has she been told to lose weight? Find out in this very open and honest interview with our cover model Emma.

Maddy: How did you get started in your modeling career?

Emma: I had a friend that did some headshots for me, and when I read about the Torrid model search I sent the headshots in and was one of the finalists. After the search, I got in contact with Luke ( and I came to NY to test with him and ended up working for PLUS Model Magazine. Shortly after that, I sent my pictures to Ford Models in Chicago and I was signed.

Maddy: Your life has been sort of a whirlwind for the past two years with being signed and booking jobs fairly quickly. Is it all as you thought it would be?

Emma: One of the things I learned very early on was that not everything is what it seems, so I’m very grateful to have met some great people in the industry.

Maddy: You’ve been in NYC for the summer and your newly signed with Images NYC, can you tell us a little about leaving home and your experience so far.

Emma: Being here has been great; I’ve been having a great time as a model and becoming familiar with people here. I met plus-size model Tiffany Bank and aside from you, she is someone that has a lot of passion for size equality in this industry. It’s been wonderful to be acquainted with someone that is a consumer of plus size fashion and listen to how models affect her buying process.

Maddy: For a lot of aspiring models it’s very difficult to become fluid in front of the camera, and you have been one of those models that seemed to blossom in a short amount of time. Can you share some posing techniques or studying preferences?

Emma: I try to spend time in front of the mirror every day, looking at my angles and figuring out new poses so I can keep things fresh. The first test I did after being signed I bought every single magazine I could get my hands on and I treated myself as a model and not just as a plus-size model. I think studying plus-size models is great but in order to develop other styles, I think studying all models is most beneficial.

Maddy: You’re a signed size 16 model, when did you realize the “size issue” in the plus size modeling industry?

Emma: I’ve been very fortunate with FORD Chicago, they told me from the very beginning not to change anything about the way that I was. Now being signed with Images NYC, I’ve received the same support as well from Susan Georget. I think things are slowly changing, I’ve been told not to lose weight or I will not be booked so it’s been a pretty awesome feeling.

For more of Emma’s interview read the August issue of PLUS Model Magazine.