Always Beautiful – Plus Size Model Sage Salzer Miller Interview

In this month’s issue of PLUS Model Magazine, Always Beautiful features four veterans of the plus size modeling industry with up to 21 years of experience. Timeless beauties, with worldwide experience, and a wealth of knowledge for up and coming plus size models. Get to know Sage Salzer Miller, Randi Graves, Tracie Stern, Karen Tallon.

Sage Salzer Miller – Modeling 15+ years

How did you first get into the industry?
I originally started modeling when I was 14 years old after winning a trip to Paris and an exclusive contract with a top agency. For a year I worked in New York, LA, and Tokyo, and appeared in Seventeen several times among other magazines and catalogues. After a year of exhausting dieting and exercise, I started to have health problems so I stopped. I spent the next ten plus years hating my body. As a child of pop culture, I bought into the media’s narrow definition of beauty. At that time, the only full figured woman on TV was Roseanne Barr. Curvy women didn’t appear in fashion magazines (although at least then they weren’t double zero sizes)! I was pursuing self-esteem in a vacuum basically. My perception started to change because of Mode Magazine. This is why I love Hardy Girls, Healthy Women (HGHW). Most programs of the last 15 years focused on self-esteem and the interior, psychological self. HGHW is one of the few programs that addresses girls’ and womens’ lives in relation and social context. HGHW ( believes it is not the girls, but rather the culture in which they live that needs repair. I couldn’t agree more!

 What is one of your most memorable jobs so far?
My most memorable job so far was modeling on the white sandy beach of South Africa. I’m dying to go back there!

Is there anyone you look up to in the industry?
The people I look up to most in this industry are the creators of sites like Plus Model Magazine! They are the ones in the media that provide invaluable inspiration and support to curvier individuals! These websites are a perfect example of media that enhances our self-esteem! {Read more here}

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