England Using More Plus Size Models In Commercials

An interesting article in the StarTribune states that brands like Special K cereal are replacing thin models for plus size models in commercials in England.  A spokeswoman said, ” We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show that losing weight isn’t just about the way you look or a certain size you need to conform to, but more importantly about the way it makes you feel.

The fact that we are using real women for the first time of a variety of shapes and sizes is the perfect way to encourage women to think differently about losing weight and not just focus on the numbers on the bathroom scales.

So how “plus size” will these models be? This we do not know for sure, but we are hoping they use models size 12 and up and show a variety of body shapes.

What do you think about the use of plus size models in weight loss commercials?

Read the entire article here.

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