Plus Size Inspiration: Curvy Girl Lingerie Launches ‘Love Letter to Your Bully’ Campaign

Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, a plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose, CA, continues to be a champion for plus size women when it comes to body acceptance, body image and promoting the belief that beauty knows no size. Her latest project is the Love Letter to Your Bully‘ campaign.

The campaign encourages plus size women who have been shamed, to stand up to those who have made negative comments about them by writing their bully a letter or creating a meme where they share their feelings of self-acceptance.

What inspired Chrystal to create this campaign was, she says, a meme she saw by Jen McLellen, founder of PlusSizeBirth.com, in which Jen confronted someone who had shamed her about being overweight.

Chrystal was so inspired that she joined forces with Jen to support their fans and followers in creating their own memes as a way to fight these negative comments. They can also write a letter to those who have bullied them, and are encouraged to share the letters on either the Curvy Girl Lingerie or Plus Size Mommy Memoirs Facebook pages.

Here’s Chrystal’s meme that she has shared on the Curvy Girl Lingerie Facebook page:

Curvy Girl Lingerie Bullying Meme

To read more about this inspiring campaign and how you can create your own meme or letter, click here.