Need A Comp Card or Tired Of Using Paper Comp Cards? Mobile Comp Cards Have Arrived!

Need A Comp Card or Tired Of Using Paper Comp Cards? Mobile Comp Cards Have Arrived!

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If you’re a model and/or actor, having a comp card is a necessity. A comp card is essentially your business card. When you go for a casting call or if you’re contacting a potential employer, you use a comp card to a) show them what you look like, b) offer a summary of your stats, and c) give them contact information.

If you’re an aspiring model, a comp card is something you should have. And now it’s even easier with the launch of

The mobile comp card allows models/actors to share their portfolios/videos via a URL link with anyone. So if you’re out and someone wants to see your work, you can quickly forward them the URL to your mobile comp card.

This is so much easier than paper comp cards especially in those moments where you’re grabbing a cup of coffee and are not carrying your paper comp cards. People can’t lose these since they can be accessed online at anytime.

You can change the images and information once each quarter, so your mobile comp card stays current.

Mobile comp cards cost $150 but we have a special deal for PMM readers. Enter MADDY in the coupon/discount code area and you will receive $25 off your mobile comp card. There is also a 2-pay option to divide payment into two easy payments.

For more information on mobile comp cards and how to purchase one, click here.

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