Target’s Latest In-Store Ads Feature Plus Model Denise Bidot

Plus Size Modeling News: Target’s Latest In-Store Ads Feature Plus Model Denise Bidot

DB Target main image
Image credit: Denise Bidot, Facebook

Target is taking a step in the right direction with their new in-store ad campaign within their plus size department, which features plus size model Denise Bidot.

The retailer has had a few missteps in the past when it came to promoting their plus size clothing, from using a pregnant model to market clothing online to even shrinking their plus size section in stores, leading customers to think that they were phasing out plus sizes from their stores.

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Target did issue an official statement that they were not phasing out plus size clothing from their stores but instead were working on building up the section to make it better and more appealing to customers.

If this is evidence of that move, we are very pleased and look forward to what the retailer has up its sleeves going forward. Maybe using plus size models online to market clothing? Expanding the section more to offer more fashion forward styles? We shall see.

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Model Denise Bidot, however, is elated at the opportunity of working with Target, posting on her Instagram page, a photo of one of her ads with the following caption:

DB Target 2nd image

We would love to see more plus size models used in Target ads. Maybe Fluvia Lacerda? Yanderis Lodos? Liris Crosse? Just to name a few… All we know is, there are plenty of beautiful plus size models that are ready to grace a Target campaign.

Target, we hope you’re listening.


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