Chrystal Bougon & Curvy Girl Lingerie Hosting Party & Flash Mob This Weekend In Hopes of Getting Oprah’s Attention

Chrystal Bougon & Curvy Girl Hosting Party & Flash Mob This Weekend In Hopes of Getting Oprah’s Attention

Chrystal Bougon, owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, a plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose, CA, has always been extremely vocal and passionate about body acceptance and women feeling sexy at any size.


She took on “Fit Mom” Maria Kang with the debate of size versus health; she then organized the Love Letter to Your Bully‘ campaign with Jen McLellen of to encourage women to take a stand against bullying. Chrystal now is trying to get the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who will be in San Jose in November as part of her “The Life You Want” speaking tour. She hopes that Oprah will visit the store for a private shopping tour while in the area. Chrystal said in a statement:

“This November, Oprah will literally be 3.6 miles from our store. I strongly believe she would love our ‘Sexy is for Every Body’ message and adore the Curvy Girl community we’ve built here. We want Oprah and her producers to see the most amazing fat, thick, curvy, plush women living out loud and proud!”

To get Oprah’s attention, Chrystal is organizing a party and flash mob on Saturday, September 20 at Curvy Girl Lingerie. She’s inviting friends, customers and others who are supportive of curvy women to join her at this rally. Those participating are encouraged to wear sexy attire, lingerie or anything that makes them feel beautiful or confident. This party will take place in the parking lot of the strip mall in which the store is located. There will also be a photographer there to record the event. More than 200 women are expected to attend and Chrystal hopes this will garner media attention:

“I think Oprah would LOVE our Curvy Girl community, how we all LOVE or are learning to LOVE our curves, that we are all working hard to LIVE OUT LOUD. I think she will connect with our mission is to celebrate our big, fat, plush, thick, juicy bodies exactly as they exist right this moment. And, yes, we are fat and we wear lingerie. LOVE IT or LEAVE IT is my motto.”

Curvy Girl Lingerie is located at:

1535 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA

Don’t live in San Jose, CA? You can still be involved wherever you are. Click here to read more information about getting involved on social media in the Oprah Selfie Challenge by using the hashtag #curvygirlchallenge.


For more information, visit or The rally has an event page on Facebook here.