Target Announces New Designer Collaboration With Lilly Pulitzer & It Will Include Plus Sizes!

Target Announces New Designer Collaboration With Lilly Pulitzer & It Will Include Plus Sizes!

Target made a major announcement yesterday that has the fashion industry a-buzz. It’s newest designer collaboration is with Lilly Pulitzer, a well-known designer brand known for its resort-chic aesthetic and use of vibrant prints and patterns. Best part of it for us? The new collection will include plus sizes!

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Last summer, plus size fashion blogger Chastity Garner of the blog Garner Style grew fed up with the retailer of its exclusion of plus sizes with its designer collaborations. She wasn’t the only one. Many women have complained on social media about Target’s treatment of the plus size customer.

Image credit: Garner Style
Image credit: Garner Style

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The plus size section in-store started to become smaller and smaller. And they were becoming another retailer that was pushing plus size women to shop online more versus in-store. This made many plus size women feel like the retailer didn’t want plus size women in their stores. And Target is a one-stop shop for many of us who can buy clothes, household items, food, shoes, electronics and other things in one place.

Chastity brought this up when she launched her petition against Target, stating she would boycott the retailer until things changed. Well, apparently, Target was listening and paying attention and we, for one, are very happy to hear this!

We hear that plus sizes from this collection will only be available online (we will confirm this at a later date as more information is released) but hey, it’s baby steps. This is a victory for plus size women, nonetheless. It seems Target is willing to try this and see if plus sizes will sell. And we think Lilly Pulitzer is perfect. It’s a well-known loved brand that’s chic, stylish and fun and known as the mother of American resort wear.

More about the collection… there will be 250 pieces of apparel, accessories, beauty, and home decor that will range from $2 to $150 with almost 200 of those items under $30. Yes!

According to

“There are floral shift dresses, swimsuits and scarves, but there are also plates, lawn chairs, and beach umbrellas, all done in original, never-before-used prints designed by LP’s in-house team.”

Jane Schoenborn, vice president, creative communications for Lilly Pulitzer said in an official statement via Target:

Target is a design leader known for offering an unparalleled assortment of stylish, affordable products. The Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection marks a new chapter for our brand, and we’re excited to give Lilly fans everywhere, including those who have loved the brand for years and those who will get to know it for the first time through this collaboration, a chance to experience this incredibly chic lifestyle collection.”

Regarding the inclusion of plus sizes, Stacia Andersen, senior vice president of apparel and accessories at Target, told

“It’s really important for us that we can provide stylish apparel for everybody, and we felt like this collection was the right time to do it. This project is so democratic. When we do these collaborations, there’s a certain group of people that always really respond to them. But this, anybody can wear this. There’s just such a range that anyone can find something that they love.”

The collection will launch on April 19, 2015 and while we don’t have any images of the plus size offerings at this time, we do have some images from the event held in New York City on January 6, announcing the collaboration (image credit: Target / Laforce + Stevens):






We also hear that Target MAY be working with some plus size fashion bloggers to promote the plus size offerings so we shall see. All in all, this is exciting news and we can’t wait to see the collection when it launches.

To read more about this exciting collaboration between Target and Lilly Pulitzer, click here.

What do you think of this new collaboration from Target? Will you be buying a few pieces? Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.