5 Empowering Quotes From Yogis of All Sizes That You Should Be Following on Instagram

5 Empowering Quotes From Yogis of All Sizes That You Should Be Following on Instagram

Lately, yogis have been taking to Instagram to showcase their poses and personal journeys with becoming stronger in mind, body and spirit. What has resulted from this is that a body positive community has been born and that yoga community shows the world that yogis come in all shapes and sizes.

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Plus size yogis are especially inspiring because their presence disputes the belief that larger people are not active or can’t do certain things (like yoga). And they are so candid about their experiences and in the process, motivate and empower other women to love themselves as they are.

Here’s 5 empowering quotes from yogis of all sizes that you should be following on Instagram (if you’re not already doing so):

#1: @glitterandlazers

Image: Instagram @glitterandlazers

“I am an advocate for life’s pursuit of happiness and peace. Too much of our daily focus goes to bodily pursuits when we are really striving for joy. If you focus on changing your body, it will change. However all the mental and emotional things you didn’t deal with? They’ll still be there. I believe my body is what it is, and I would much rather focus on the things that dramatically improve my outlook on life and my ability to love. Focusing there truly changes every aspect of you -including your body- but the progress is less visible to the rest of the world. It’s a journey to me, instead of a journey to see.”

#2: Dana Falsetti – Instagram: @nolatrees, Website:

Image – Instagram @nolatrees

“There’s nothing quite like being able to lift yourself up. I never thought I’d be able to pick myself up off the floor or balance on my forearms or hands. Even in disbelief I put in the work everyday, whatever that means for me. Honestly some days I feel defeated, I’m only human. But I show up for myself and do what I can. That’s the real strength. Nobody else can give you discipline or self love, and nobody can take it from you. Do it for you, because you deserve it. We all do.”

#3: Ashley – Instagram: @justsmileandnod, Website:

Image: Instagram @justsmileandnod

“Bend, don’t break. Breathe, don’t stress. Be vulnerable, but not weak.”

#4: Dianne Bondy – Instagram: @diannebondyyoga, Website:

Image: Instagram – @diannebondyyoga

“I am who I am. I work hard at being accepting of myself and encouraging others to step into the fullness of their life. Don’t wait to be thinner, older or richer to enjoy the life you have today. Time is fleeting; enjoy each moment to the fullest.”

#5: Davina Davidson – @yoga_davina

Image: Instagram @yoga_davina

“There will always be people, experiences, obstacles, etc in the way of what I really desire and my work is in reminding myself to not only see past the distractions but to remember the sky is NOT the limit. See past the limitations that people try to put on you. Be a believer… Believe you can have what you want.”

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