10 Questions With Emmicia Bracey – Star of Eloquii’s Latest Size 26/28 Lookbook

Emmicia bracey This week, contemporary plus size fashion retailer Eloquii unveiled its latest size 26/28 lookbook featuring size-28 Emmicia Bracey as the face.

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Many wondered who Emmicia was. She’s not a blogger. She’s not a professional model. But one thing was clearly evident… she’s a beautiful every day woman whose body shape is not your typical hourglass and is one that many women can identify with.

So we reached out to Emmicia and the 5’8″ star graciously answered 10 questions so we can all learn more about her.

#1: Where are you based?  Hoboken, NJ

#2: What do you do for a living?

I am a Business Process Manager. Essentially, I am responsible for creating business processes for organizations regarding financial systems and their designs.

#3: How did you get tapped for this campaign?

I was recommended to the Eloquii Creative Director [Jodi Arnold] by a mutual friend, Ashley Falcon, who is their stylist. They wanted to do another 26/28 lookbook and were looking for a new face. I was happy to participate. I enjoy reading about fashion and the plus size community is so vibrant. I’m always happy to support brands who support the entire plus size spectrum.

#4: What do you love the most about Eloquii?

I love that Eloquii engages its customers. You ask and you shall receive. The Eloquii team is really focused on making their customer look and feel good. I attended Curvy Con in June and thought it said a lot that Eloquii was present. They really make a point to let the customer know that they are heard. Regarding fashion, I’m so happy that they use such great fabrics and use lots of color. Not every plus size woman is looking for fast fashion. We require the same options that straight sized women do.

#5: Lately, there has been a lot of debate over the usage of the term “plus size”. How do you feel about that term?

I don’t think of the term plus size as negative. Sometimes we give words too much weight. No pun intended. Because I’m plus size, I do feel a sense of community with other women in our size range. I understand that it can be frustrating that straight-size models or clothing are more normalized in society, but I think we’re getting it right by letting brands and the media know how we want to see ourselves represented.

#6: Describe your style. 

I follow a ton of straight size and plus size bloggers so I get try to find inspiration everywhere. I can’t deny that I’m pretty trend focused. I try to work trendy pieces into my day-to-day life whether it’s with my makeup, clothing or accessories.

#7: What are your favorite pieces this fall?

I am loving block heel booties and sandals, blanket scarves, and body con midi dresses! I also love that Adidas Originals are back in the spotlight and pair so well with boyfriend jeans and cute sweaters. That’s going to be my Saturday errand running go-to!

#8: How does it feel to be an inspiration to women out there who will look at you and say “Hey, she looks like me! And she can pull that off so I think I can too!”?

OMG! That has been the best part of this entire experience. The plus size community is both diverse and cohesive. The support I’ve received from plus size women at a size 14 to plus size women at a size 28 has been amazing. As a woman of color, I know how we long to be represented. To know that someone opened the email, perused the lookbook, or saw the instagram image and thought “Hey! that’s me!” is such a great feeling.

#9: Any advice to women out there who want to try certain styles but are afraid to?

Just do it! The worst thing that happens is you end up adjusting your Spanx every two hours, but at least you tried. At best, you’ve found a new favorite piece. There are so many outfits that I now love that I would’ve never thought worked on my frame. I never thought I could wear a fitted dress, but once I throw on a jacket or blazer I feel comfortable that I’ve made the trend work for my silhouette.

#10: Where can our readers find you online?

I would love for everyone to follow me online @emmpeccable on instagram and twitter. I have a few other things in the works that I cant wait to share!

Special thanks to Emmicia for answering our questions and we look so forward to seeing what’s next with her and with Eloquii.

Click here to see the new Eloquii size 26/28 lookbook.