7 Bloggers Size 24+ Tell Us Their Favorite Brands To Shop

[tps_title]#1: ShaKera from The Real Sample Size[/tps_title]
The Real Sample Size image 7-19
Left: ShaKera is wearing Fashion to Figure // Right: Eloquii

Blog Name & URL: The Real Sample Size, www.therealsamplesize.com
Blogging since: July 2015
Size: 22/24
Favorite Brands to Shop: Fashion to Figure and Eloquii

Why? I love Fashion to Figure because of their fun, playful and trendy styles. When I’m looking for a cute, casual look or night-time look, Fashion to Figure always caters to my needs.

Eloquii is, by far, my ultimate brand to shop at. They keep me trendy, classy and gorgeous, all at the same time. Eloquii has wonderful pieces that are trendy yet conservative as well as casual looks that can easily go from day to night.