These 7 Body Positive Advocates Share Their Thoughts On Loving Yourself More in 2020

These 7 Body Positive Advocates Share Their Thoughts On Loving Yourself More in 2020

New Year, New (Improved) You…

That’s usually the consensus at this time of the year, with many of us now trying to follow those resolutions we made on New Year’s Eve. A new year means an opportunity to start anew.

We’re all on the same journey but at different places within that journey. Some of us are still struggling with self-confidence and love, and we hope the New Year brings you more peace of mind, love and happiness for yourself and others.

These 7 Body Positive Advocates Share Their Thoughts On Loving Yourself More in 2020

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We’ve now entered a new decade and it’s the perfect moment to inspire you to look ahead feeling empowered as you continue your journey. 

In the spirit of inspiration, we reached out to 7 body positive advocates in the plus-size world to offer their advice on loving yourself more in the new year:

#1: Zach Miko – IMG’s first Brawn model

“In 2020, see things for how they truly are and break every negative feeling down. Feel bad about how you look today? Why? What don’t you like about your body? Who told you that part of your body is wrong? Who stands to profit from you feeling that way? How many of your insecurities were placed there by someone trying to sell you something? How many hurt people are lashing out because of their own institutionalized insecurity? 

The small box of what is considered beautiful was built by people making money off your pain. But real beauty isn’t limited; beauty is individuality and diversity. You are beautiful now, and you have always been beautiful. Don’t let an antiquated system trying to profit off breaking your spirit blind you to that. This year, have 2020 vision.”

#2: Deb Malkin – Certified Massage Therapist & Movement Specialist for Every Body

My advice for loving yourself in 2020 and beyond is to cut yourself a break. If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me, know that perfectionism is a total lie. The best thing in life is to try everything, fail a lot, be kind to yourself and lean into joy whenever possible. Life is short and there are no gold stars for doing anything perfectly, which includes loving our bodies. Don’t worry about getting it right!

I learned from life coach Kara Loewentheil that every thought we think someone else is thinking about us is really a thought we are thinking about ourselves. Whoa, my mind exploded when I noticed how often I was imagining other people having (negative) thoughts about my body! 

Of course, we’re usually only upset about the negative thoughts. But unless someone is saying those words to your face, our own brains are the source of these thoughts we think they are thinking about us when we are on a date or at the gym or with our family, positive and negative. This is really good news because we can learn how to think new, more useful thoughts. 

If we truly want to love ourselves we need to take back the power of how we are thinking about ourselves and not ask society, our loved ones or the person you just met on social media to provide that validation. All human beings are born worthy and deserving of love and this includes you.”

#3: Liz Black – Writer & Blogger at P.S. It’s Fashion

“Try to make 2020 the year of you. After so many years of putting yourself last, put yourself first this year. Stop focusing on what you think society deems acceptable, and wear the things you want to wear now. Give yourself permission to eat what you want, and do it in public. Stop waiting on your weight and go after your dreams – life is too short and before you know it, your future will be your past!”

#4: Rob Robinson, Big & Tall Model

“Acceptance… Attention… Appreciation… everyone wants a piece of each but are failing to see no one will love you more than yourself. Build on ‘you’ in 2020 and focus on making yourself happy. Treat your body and mind like an ‘Instagram Like’ and ‘Heart’ it every day!”

#5: Ashley Carter – Blogger at FabEllis

“The advice I am constantly giving to others, and reminding myself of, is that comparison is the thief of joy. To truly love yourself, honor who you are by not comparing yourself to others, embrace your gifts and accept your flaws. When you compare yourself, you are not honoring the amazing gift you bring to this earth. Be mindful of who and what you follow, set boundaries and unfollow anyone who makes you feel compelled to compare or feel less than or unworthy.”

#6: LaShawn Deangelo Millner, Fashion Designer/Owner of Designs by Deangelo

“Stay true to you because you are worth it. Remember that in 2020 and beyond. Don’t follow trends, set them. Love yourself like your life depends on it. Know that it’s okay to say ‘No’ and okay to some ‘ME’ time, because you’re no good to yourself or anyone else if you’re not at your best. Last but not least, find your purpose and ride it until the wheels fall off. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing exactly why you exist.”

#7: Faith Costa, Plus Size Model (Bicoastal Mgmt) & Artist

“2020 is the start of a new decade. A time to reinvest in yourself and dive headfirst into pure self-love and care. It’s going to take some time and effort though, so don’t be too hard on yourself. You are worth every bit of it. This year, take steps to challenge yourself with radical self-love. Take the time to start your day with positive affirmations and beautiful short term and long term goals. Force time for yourself, your hobbies and your mental health. You are a work of art that is always changing. Be aware of that, acknowledge your strengths and needs. Self-love is learned through practice. Let 2020 be the year self-care thrives so that your self-love can blossom.”

We, here at PMM, wish our readers a happy and safe New Year as well as an amazing 2020! Here’s to loving yourself more and living life fully!

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