Meet The Organization That’s Encouraging Young Girls to Believe in Themselves

Have you heard of the new charity called the Believe in Yourself Project?

They are here to help remove poor body image thoughts that afflicts so many girls and women.16426534_1441103845923822_1421979929_n-1

In our society, women are forced to live with an idea that they have to look a certain way. These expectations are typically unrealistic. Unfortunately, there are many girls who feel pressured to change their look, or risk being isolated from their friends. This doesn’t have to be the case for them.16395699_1441080175926189_1997466208_n

Over the past year, UsTrendy Founder, Sam Sisakhti, has given formal dresses to underprivileged high school girls and college students across the country for them to wear at their school dances. Donations began last winter, and Sisakhti reports that many of the girls in the program have had the self-confidence to attend their first school dance. This is terrific news!samedit1

Recently, girls with limited financial resources in the Washington DC Area received dresses.

“It was such an amazing and humbling experience to hear the stories of the girls and see their excitement about receiving a brand-new dress to wear for their upcoming dance. Many of them said it was one of their first new items that were not handed down,” says Sam Sisakhti.

Learning about Believe in Yourself has been so eye-opening. Money should never stand in the way of us being happy. Fashion plays a big role in our personal confidence and self-esteem.homepage16401976_1441104552590418_158159940_n

Organizations like Believe in Yourself are setting the trend that we should all be following – helping others less fortunate feel good about themselves as much as possible.

Maya Angelou once said, “We should be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

It is clear that Believe in Yourself is doing this for many girls and college students across the country.

Want to help? You can get involved HERE!Natasha footer image