Get to Know Stephanie Albanese

Name: Stephanie Albanese


Instagram: @stephaniealbanese

Photo, Paul Thatcher

What have been your favorite modeling experiences so far?

I went to California not too long ago for a Kohls shoot. It was my first time going to the West coast and as soon as I stepped off the plane I fell in love. The crew I worked with was as sweet as could be, just like the warm breeze in the air and constant sunshine. I also got to spend time with my cousins in Venice Beach for a few days, which was magical.

What is your personal fashion aesthetic?

Comfort. Comfort is key these days. Honestly I just dress day-to-day, ya know? One day I’m feeling girly, the next goth. I have a little bit o’ everything in my closet, so I can either stick to one aesthetic or mix and match, which is a lot of fun too. I like to get creative, for sure.

Photo, Paul Thatcher

If you were not modeling, what field would you be working in?

Mother Earth is my passion outside of modeling. I eventually plan to pursue an education and career in environmental social integrity and preservation.

What do you like to do on your off time?


Photo, Paul Thatcher

Has there been someone in your life that has influenced you, in fashion or otherwise?

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to perfect whatever it is that they are pursuing. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. 😉

What is your advice to aspiring models?

Just stick to your gut. Follow your instincts. Learn from the best. And don’t stop until you get what you want.

Photo, Paul Thatcher