An Exciting Time for the Plus Size Industry!

If you live in NYC, then you know the next two weeks is going to be pretty amazing with plus size models walking the runway during NYFW as well as the Curvy Con making its fashion week debut during its third year.

What is it that makes Fashion Week so exciting? Years ago, plus size fashion was just a blip on the radar of mainstream fashion so that’s what makes this particular year very special.

Many years ago, I was one of the muses for designer Richard Metzger when he interviewed for the very first season of Project Runway. I, alongside five other plus sized models, were dressed in his newest collection and joined Richard during his first interview. I’ll never forget when one of the judges at the preliminary table said “Plus size fashion is not real fashion.” I also remember the way Richard stood up for what he believed to be true, that plus size women deserve fashion.

Fast forward 16 seasons later, for the very first time, Project Runway is featuring plus size models alongside their smaller counterparts. PMM is celebrating history being made with a special Facebook LIVE on September 6, 2017 6pm/EST where I will have the opportunity to interview Liris Crosse, Monique Robinson and Jazzmine Carthon about their experience on Project Runway. Visit the PLUS Model Magazine facebook page here.

If you want to watch more fashion shows, PLUS Model Magazine will be streaming the Addition Elle fashion show on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 1pm/EST on our Facebook page and the Curvy Con will be streaming live via Yahoo.

During the month of September, we will be celebrating style and confidence. We will be bringing your top male and female bloggers and influencers to your virtual doorstep.

Stay tuned…