PMM Inspiration: Finding Self-Love Through Photography

How can we love ourselves more?

Have you considered using photography?

Photographer Leni Kei Williams is on a mission to show how photography can be a powerful tool in helping others love themselves more with her #breakingbeautystandards campaign.

The 26-year-old wedding and portrait photographer from Lexington, Kentucky, now based in Davison, Michigan, has a powerful backstory that inspired her to embark on this empowering campaign.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), commonly known to cause infertility, depression and weight gain. The process of learning to love her new body is what motivated her to start this campaign.

She was inspired to empower and encourage women to love and embrace their bodies via photography. Each week, she highlights different women, giving them an opportunity to share their stories of confidence and self-love. In her work, she strives to convey that there is no perfect mold for beauty.

Learn more about Leni and her amazing campaign in my interview with her below:

We all have moments of doubt and issues of self-confidence. Aren’t you tired of not loving and appreciating yourself each and every day?

When I decided to stop bullying and unfairly judging myself, I was finally free. By embracing my inner confidence I was propelled closer to my goals.

Can the same be said for doubt or insecurities? No. Loving yourself and your body is a journey, not a one-day trip. The greatest work takes the most amount of effort. Why wouldn’t you want to give your all when it comes to yourself?

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Skylar Tatro – @skylartatro95
Adrian Leslie- @aaaadriannicole
Leni – @Leni_kei
Delisa Washington – @lisasequoia11
Meleah Denson – @beautifuleamazin