Up Close and Personal with Influencer Denise Mercedes

Influencer Denise Mercedes…

Today influencers are regular people who have captured the hearts of many by sharing their story and their love for a particular niche. For Denise Mercedes it was her journey to sel love that catapulted her to become more than just a model.

Photographer: Sage Indigon, IG @aeralbleuboy

Describe yourself in 4 words?

Spontaneous, humble, funny and authentic!

You are much more than just a model; you’re a fierce body positive advocate. Was there a specific point in your life when you decided you were going to live fiercely?

I wasn’t always confident; in fact, when I was younger, I was the most insecure person I knew. It was when I lost a lot of weight and realized I still wasn’t happy that I realized that confidence didn’t come from your size but from within.

Photographer: Maria Castellano, IG @Mariacastellanos_ri

You are one of a growing list of model/influencers. How would you describe the term “influencer” and what responsibility do you feel about being seen as a person with influence?

I didn’t even realize that I was an influencer until people started calling me one. I mainly saw myself as a model and fashion blogger that liked inspiring others to dress however they want. My goal is to influence women to empower one another and to always stay positive.

Can you tell us about #becauseitsmybody?

I started the body positive campaign because one day I came across this awful mean comment on social media towards me and all I could think to myself was how can someone who doesn’t know me judge my body so hard. I think “Because it’s my body” is so self-explanatory but that’s the whole point of it.

Photographer: Bruna Lacerda, IG @brunalacerda

The plus size industry and mainstream media has embraced size diversity. What do you feel still needs to happen in order for bodies of all shapes and sizes to be seen as “main stream”?

I believe that the plus size industry is just getting better with time, however I think the brands should start featuring plus size models of all sizes because “Plus Size” isn’t just 1 body type. It’s many body types and once all body types are featured, then I think this would be a great deal for the plus size modeling industry.

Photographer: Bruna Lacerda, IG @brunalacerda

What is your advice to anyone looking to bring his or her brand into the spotlight?

The first thing is to never give up. I’ve been rejected so many times but I continue moving forward because this is what I really want. Secondly, try and figure out your niche and continue on promoting it. Don’t focus on what other models or brands are doing. Comparing yourself to other models or brands can make you lose your focus.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Five years ago I didn’t know where I would be but I can say that I’ve come a long way. Five years from now, I would love to be an entrepreneur with a fashion line, successful model, fashion blogger, and continuing to inspire others.

Photographer: Sage Indigon, IG @aeralbleuboy

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