Your Best Brow

The perfect eyebrow is the ever elusive unicorn in the beauty industry.

Every woman, from the most natural to the most glam, wants a great brow. The fact that perfect brows are so hard to achieve makes the brow industry upwards of 160 multi-million dollars every year.

My best tip for those with sparse brows is to STOP plucking and waxing for at least a couple months (resist the urge to pluck), to allow for hair to regrow, then have them shaped by a professional. For those with bold and bushy brows, you lucky ladies, please don’t over pluck! Bold brows are in!

If you’ve over plucked as a teenager like I did, and need the extra help to perfect your brows, take a look at the list of products below. Included are some of the best brow products that I personally tested out for months. Also, don’t be afraid to use multiple products to achieve your best brow possible. Every makeup artist I know uses at least 2 brow products on their clients, often to mix and match textures to imitate brow hairs and fullness.

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Brow scissors are used to trim long brow hair instead of just plucking, they can also be used to trim false lashes. Typically brows are brushed upwards and the longer, more stubborn hairs are trimmed, to make brows uniform.

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Chella Beautiful Eyebrow Tools In Case $45

This beautiful case holds a pair of tweezers, scissors, comb with razor and brow shaping guide. I really love the unique shape and design of the tweezers in this case, plus the razor helps shape stubborn hairs that are hard to remove. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Real Techniques Brow Set $10

This kit includes all of the tools you need to clean up, fill in, define and shape your brows. I also really like the mini travel case which can be positioned to stand up on its own. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]


Brow Gels are perfect for setting the powder and pencils used in your brows, but not necessary after using brow pomade. If you have thick brows look for clear brow gel, but if you have sparse brows and need an added oomph of color, tinted brow gel is the way to go.

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Amuse Tinted Brow Gel $1

This brow gel is my all-time favorite, and it’s only a dollar! I’ve been using it for a couple months and it still hasn’t dried up. On non-makeup days, I use this gels to keep my sparse brows in place. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Make-up Designory (MUD) Brow Fix $16

This clear brow gel reminds me a lot of Maybelline’s clear mascara (that I used for years for brows) but better because it doesn’t flake, doesn’t deposit color in the tube and doesn’t dry out as fast. The applicator looks like a mascara wand and the tube is squeezable, making application easy. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]


Brow fillers, like fibers and powders, are used in conjunction with brow pencils and gels to give brows dimension. They are especially great for those with very sparse brow hair. Pro Tip: Outline and partially fill in brows with your favorite pencil and use the filler in the middle part of the brow to add volume.

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Wunderbrow Fiber Filler $22

Wunderbrow is known for their long lasting brow gel, but I like this product better because it adds texture for fuller looking brows and it is water-resistant and transfer-proof. It also has Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Keratin that helps to create healthy-looking brows. My brows look super full when I use this. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

NYX Build’em Up Brow Powder $8

Available in 8 matte shades, this brow powder takes a while to buildup if you have sparse brows but the ultra-narrow tip allows you to achieve the look of hair strokes. The tip also works great to sharply define the tail of your brows more than the Wunderbrow does. When I want to look super extra I use both brow fillers and set with the amuse brow gel. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]


Brow pencils (whether ultra-thin or angled) allow you to mimic brow hairs with quick, short strokes and allow you to outline and define your brows with ease; however, you will burn through them quickly if you have spare brows, for that reason I like to define the outline of my brow with these first and then fill in with powder or fibers.

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Brow Food Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo $24

If you like to fill in the front of your brows lighter than the latter half, then you’ll love this pencil. Ultra-fine to define and shape, this pencil is stiff and waxy and helps hold hairs in place as it fills in the sparse areas. I also really appreciate the fact that there are 10 shades available on the 5 pencils. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Cover Girl Easy Breezy Brow Micro-Fine Fill + Define Brow Pencil $7.99

One of the finest tipped brow products in the drug store, this pencil will mimic real hair strokes easily, just be careful not to twist the product up too far or the tip will break as you apply it. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Dermelect Revitalite Brow Transformer $26

This brow pencil transforms into different products depending on the angle in which you hold it and the amount of pressure applied. I love to use this pencil to define and fill in my brows because it’s one of the only brow pencils that won’t break no matter how much pressure I use. It’s also Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate and Fragrance free. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]


Brow Pomade combines brow gel and rich pigments into one product which typically last all day and evening, eliminating the need for multiple brow products. The trickiest thing about using pomade is that you’ll need an angled brow/eyeliner brush and a spoolie, and lots of practice. I don’t suggest pomades for those who spend 10-15 minutes on their makeup in the morning.

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Osmosis Brow Gel $25

This super creamy brow gel/pomade hybrid will last ALL day plus it comes with its own tiny brush for precision application, but you’ll still need to comb through your brows to disperse the product. I really loved how stiff this pomade dried down because my brows didn’t budge and I had to use eye makeup remover to take off. Perfect for those who sweat a lot or hit the gym after work. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Plume Science Nourish & Define Brow Pomade $38

This is one of the easiest brow pomades to use because the pomade takes a while to dry, allowing you to work slow and precise. Included in the beautifully packaged box is a VERY easy to use brush and spoolie. It’s also 100% natural, vegan, and free of alcohol, cruelty, fragrance and parabens. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]

Hynt Beauty Eye Brow Definer Cream to Powder $22.50

I really liked this brow definer more than I thought I would because I typically don’t like waxy products, but this product applied really effortlessly once I warmed up the cream on my brush. It’s also chock a bock full of really good for you ingredients like Organic Jojoba & Castor Seed Oil which promote healthy skin and hair growth. It’s also vegan, organic, and free of gluten, toxins, parabens, talc, silicones, mineral oil, fragrance and preservatives. [SHOP] [divider] . [/divider]