SCAM ALERT Affecting Plus Blogging and Photography Community

Important Notice From PLUS Model Magazine: SCAM ALERT Affecting Plus Blogging and Photography Community…

**UPDATE 4/27/18** We have been contacted by photographers in both Texas and Nebraska, but this may be happening in more states.

**UPDATE 4/24/18** The scammer is also using the email address – this is NOT the real email of well-know influencer Kavah King, it was created by the scammer to pose as Mr King.

**UPDATE 4/20/18** We have filed a fraud report with

Please be on the lookout for this scam affecting the plus blogging and photography community.

We were contacted by photographers asking if a contract they received was legitimate – it was not.

Here are the details of this scam:

  • It appears that is claiming to be an agent representing well-know plus male blogger, Kavah King – the blogger is not represented by him.
  • The photographers received an email contract from The contract claims to be representing PLUS Model Magazine for a photoshoot between Kavah and several other models – we did not contract with an agent or photographer for a shoot.
  • Upon closer inspection of the contract, we have identified that the illegal party has forged Kavah’s signature, as a representative of PLUS Model Magazine.
We are pursuing legal action against this this illegal entity

What can you do if you think you are being contacted by someone claiming to represent PLUS Model Magazine?

Please click to email us immediately via our website contact form or official Facebook page with any/all information and correspondence you have received.

If you feel that you are the victim of a cybercrime, please file a report with FBI fraud division as well at


Thank you… and be web safe!

* IMPORTANT: PLUS Model Magazine and Venus Imaging Education, LLC, the publisher, will accept no responsibility for the actions of this scam organization/company. As with any opportunity on the internet, you must be diligent in NOT sharing your personal information as well as doing your research when contemplating working with any organization that contacts you via the internet.