SCAM ALERT – IS a SCAM Affecting Photographers – Part 2

YES, SCAM ALERT – IS a SCAM Affecting Photographers – Part 2

**UPDATE 4/27/18** We have been contacted by photographers in both Texas and Nebraska, but this may be happening in more states.

**UPDATE 4/24/18** The scammer is also using the email address – this is NOT the real email of well-know influencer Kavah King, it was created by the scammer to pose as Mr King.

**UPDATE 4/20/18** We have filed a fraud report with


Yesterday PLUS reported on a scam affecting photographers and a well-known plus blogger/influencer… we have an update.

As we have already confirmed, this is a SCAM!

Here are more of the details…

Please read Part 1 for the initial scam information

It seems that someone posing as has been contacting photographers. From what we have seen so far, they all seem to be in the Texas area.

The contract is for a large sum of money for a photoshoot.

The photographer is told that once the contract is signed by the photographer, and that their (the scammer’s) lawyer is satisfied, that they will be given the contact information of the talent manager.

After the contract is signed, the talent manager name is revealed as

The photographer is sent a check Priority mail from James Alex, 3695 Avacado Lane in Miami Florida – however the actual check says it is from Refinery 29 at Suntrust Bank.

If the photographer goes to the bank and asks the manager to verify the check, the account number on the check is a legitimate account number (not verifying this is Refinery 29).

Once the check has cleared, the photographer is to send a large portion of the check to the talent manager in order for the photoshoot to commence.

According to the FTC:

Banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take them weeks. If a check you deposit bounces – even after it seemed to clear – you’re responsible for repaying the bank. Money orders and cashier’s checks can be counterfeited, too.

So by the time the photographer has cashed the check and sent the ‘cut’ to the talent manager, the scam has already taken place!

If you feel that you are the victim of a cybercrime, please file a report with FBI fraud division as well at


* IMPORTANT: PLUS Model Magazine and Venus Imaging Education, LLC, the publisher, will accept no responsibility for the actions of this scam organization/company. As with any opportunity on the internet, you must be diligent in NOT sharing your personal information as well as doing your research when contemplating working with any organization that contacts you via the internet.