5 Questions With Plus Model Frankie Tavares on Health, Fitness & Curvy ALLSTARS

Frankie Tavares is on a mission to offer a different look at health and fitness.

The successful plus model wants to show the world that an active lifestyle can be achieved by anyone, no matter what your size. 

Having worked with brands such as Fashion to Figure, Byron Lars, Simply Be and JC Penney, Tavares has already proven she’s a model to watch. However, being the driven entrepreneur and influencer that she is, we’re not surprised that she has now created a brand for herself that aims to inspire and empower others by promoting body positivity as well as health and wellness through an active lifestyle.

We had the opportunity to chat with Tavares on her new mission and what she has planned. Watch out World! She’s ready to inspire you to never give up.

1. You carved out an amazing career for yourself as a plus size model. What has that meant to you and what have you been up to?

Thank you! Modeling has been such an amazing experience thus far. Building this great platform and being able to inspire people by just doing what I love is an amazing feeling. My brand is transitioning and along with modeling, I have started some exciting projects and brands.

Plus size male model Darnel Ghramm and I have developed two new brands merging the Plus male and female industries together.

We have our YouTube talk show titled Walk It Like I Talk It. On the show, we interview industry influencers such as models, bloggers, photographers, social media personalities, etc! We’re basically having fun with our guests and bringing them to our audiences in a more relatable way. We were tired of hearing our followers refer to us as these “untouchable” figures. Our show talks about pretty deep topics but we also want to know what your hidden talent is! Did you know Darnel knows how to hoola-hoop? Watch the show, you would be surprised! We launched it off of a whim and it’s gotten amazing feedback so far.

We also have Battle of the Sexes Plus. We started with weekly Instagram LIVEs talking about dating and relationships from the plus size point of view. I mean let’s face it, things are a bit different when you’re plus size looking for love, dating or in a relationship. Our topics get pretty intense and our followers really seem to enjoy them.

We decided to take it offline and do events as well. Our first event is on June 19, 2018 during FFF Week where we’ll be moderating an open panel discussion with 7 other panelists. Darnel and I made it a point to include panelists from all walks of life, gender, sexual orientation and relationship status. Following the panel, we’ll be having optional speed dating. Our goal for both brands is to have a high energy, youthful and fun approach.

2. What is Curvy All Stars and what inspired you to create this movement?

Curvy ALLSTARS is my personal brand, which launched early April 2018. The brand represents teamwork and getting out there, facing your fears. Our fears are all different. Maybe you have always wanted to play sports but you’ve held yourself back because of size. Curvy ALLSTARS is all about trying no matter who you are, your athletic ability or your size. I see so many influencers and models who are athletes and love sports but yet outside of our community, we are looked at as inactive and “unhealthy”.

I’m a mother to 3 very active boys. They all play sports including basketball, soccer and football. My family as a whole are very outdoorsy and we love being outside and active. Growing up, I have always played sports. I would much rather be doing something physically active with my boys or friends than walking on a treadmill at the gym. Curvy ALLSTARS is just that!

Along with my friends who also happen to be amazing models, influencers, brands etc, we will be involved in many events involving activities of all kinds. Curvy ALLSTARS will be playing beach volleyball, soccer, hiking, horseback riding, and more! The participants will change for each activity and so will the activities.

3. Why is it important to you to push the message that health and fitness is not based on someone’s physical ability and/or size?

I have a very “off the whim” personality. There is not a lot I won’t try or do for the experience. I haven’t always been that way. I started with baby steps and building my own inner confidence to try new things. Now I am unstoppable and I want others to feel the way I do.

I hear a lot of people saying “I cant” because of their size or how they think others will perceive them. Curvy ALLSTARS aren’t afraid to fail and if they do, we try again, as a team. I want everyone involved to come in at any fitness level and leave with a sense of accomplishment. If you’ve put yourself out there to try, in my book, you’ve already won. You lead by example and how amazing will it be to show those who look up to you that you may have been afraid but you did it anyway.

4. Talking to your partnership with FFF Week on your first Curvy ALLSTARS event, tell us more about what we can expect from the event and who else is involved.

The kickoff event will be an ALLSTAR charity basketball game on June 23, 2018 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, during Full Figured Fashion Week and we are so excited about it! We have curvy players, cheerleaders and a half-time show to die for, organized by plus size dancer/choreographer Jessie Diaz-Herrera of Curves With Moves.

Our sponsor Curves With Purpose will be there collecting lightly worn sneakers for the charity Soles4Souls. Lane Bryant, Cacique, and Catherines’ have all come on board as athletic apparel sponsors. We also just announced that plus size fashion brand Navy Jane has come on board as a sponsor as well. I couldn’t be more humbled by the amount of individuals reaching out to help or be a part of this event. It’s going to be one to remember!

5. What’s next for Curvy ALLSTARS?

I have so SO much planned for Curvy ALLSTARS! My short term goals are to get as many people and brands involved to help spread the message. Eventually, a long term goal would be to take Curvy ALLSTARS worldwide!! Tag your photos #CurvyALLSTARS! We want to see you getting out there and getting active!

Darnel and I have created the Battle of The Sexes Plus House. The house and participants will change from city to city as we follow the “What’s Happenings” of the plus community. It’s a house that will be equipped with 3-5 cameras, a confession room and a live stream available to our viewers. You’ll be able to tune in to certain times of day to see what is going on in the Battle Of The Sexes Plus House!

The first house will be during FFFWeek June 19-23 followed by the Plussizemeplz Swim Soirée edition on August 3-5!

This FFFWeek “Model House” will have 9 participants. Best thing is… anyone can apply! Coming in from out of town, need a place to stay and want to join in on the madness? Post a 45-60 video, tag us and tell us why we should move you in! #BOTS #BOTSHOUSE

Special thanks to Frankie Tavares for talking to us and for her passion in pushing the message that health and fitness have nothing to do with size. Good luck with Curvy ALLSTARS and your events at Full Figured Fashion Week next month.

You can also follow Frankie on Instagram here.

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