7 Tips for Scoring the Job of Your Dreams

7 Tips for Scoring the Job of Your Dreams… Can It Be As Simple As 1-2-3?

Guest Authors – The creators of the Pretty Electric Podcast, Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan, break it down with these simple steps.

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We get it. You’ve dreamed of your “DREAM JOB” for as long as you can remember.

No matter where you’ve been and where you’ve worked its always been, if only if. We’ve live in the ‘grass is always greener’ world, but let us let you in on a little secret here.

Your dream job may not really be your dream job in all actuality, you may just think it is.

Trust us, with as many hours as we spend at work, 90,000 in an estimated lifetime, you really need to make sure you love everything about it – the culture, the people, the process and mission. Set yourself up for success even before you apply and ask yourself a few things first like, is this a company that shares my same beliefs? Will the hours of the job let me take care of my personal wants and priorities? Do I see growth for myself? What’s my plan if I get in the door? What am I bringing to the table? How can I stand out in a position like this? Does this company’s mission align with goals? If it’s a, hell yes (and we hope it is), well then read on and follow these tips and land yourself that dream gig. You got this… oh and PS, be flexible; dreams shift and new opportunities wait around every corner.

TIP #1 – Confidence is King

We’ll say this time and time again, confidence is the most attractive thing that you can display. If you’re not feeling confidant figure out how to get your groove back and we mean fast. May we suggest Beyoncé and the Pretty Electric Podcast? Remember, you need to be THE BEST YOU before you ask others to see the best in you, so start preparing for greatness now.

If this is really your dream job, you’ll want to approach it with a no-fail attitude. Seriously you’re not going to let someone else get the job that’s meant for you are you? So go on, talk to everyone and let them know you are looking to score this new job and how excited you are about it. You’ll see that the energy you put out, you will get back and people will start acting as your cheerleaders and support you along the way. Recommendations and Referrals are helpful of course but figure our your unique way to bust down the door to that coveted gig.

TIP #2 – Create Your Brand

Whether or not you know it, you are a brand. “But I’m just one person, not a brand,” you may say. Incorrect. Everything from the car you drive to the lipstick you wear, to what you post on social media creates you as an overall brand and that’s what employers are buying into. Gone are the days of just getting hired off of a resume. It’s all about the 360 degree approach, not just how many years of experience you have. Companies want to make sure you embody their company culture, ethos and that you have the same values. Do you love dogs, do you look professional enough that they can send you across the country to represent them, do you love life and have a passion for saving the environment? Companies don’t want people to just DO their jobs, they want the people that they hire to live and breathe it.

The core messaging of the company needs to live in the person’s DNA. So whether you’re the brand you want to be today or you need to create the brand you want to be for your future, write it down and recreate your story. Looking to change fields but are worried about not having enough experience? Remember this, you are NOT your past. You are your future.

TIP #3 – Re-write Your Story

Find the relevance in your past work and life experiences. So what if you were in human resources for 10 years, took off for five years and had three kids. Lets think about it. Do you really want that same job you had all those years ago anyway? You’ve grown, the world has grown and so have the opportunities. Figure out what skills you have from your past career, plus, what about all of those new skills you have gleaned from becoming a parent? Three kids, now that’s management skills!

Have you started a blog on the side? Have you done research on the statistics of unemployment and have exciting new information? It’s all in the delivery right? Think about it… If you can tell your whirlwind life story in a fun, exciting, energetic and professional approach, you’re ahead of the game, no?

The truth is, we are all human, everyone can relate. Everyone, including your potential employers has had loves, losses, divorces, families and probably even job losses. Start writing your new story, read it to your friends, recite it over wine and cheese night and lock that baby in. Use that new story to create a killer cover letter for the job hunt. Use that story to message people on LinkedIn and Facebook, screw it, and even use it as your bio on Instagram.

For us over here at WKC, an action packed and humorous cover letter that we can relate to sparks our interest. We will call in someone 10 times faster with a great, REAL cover letter over a boring and professional cover letter that lists all your skills and leads the employer into SNORESVILLE, USA. Energy, people, energy.

TIP #4 – The New Outreach

If you’re sick of black hole syndrome, we hear you. We’ve heard this time and time again, that women have sent hundreds of resumes to listings on INDEED, MONSTER and CAREERBUILDER with no response. Stinks, but not really surprising. Like dating, it’s pretty much who you know. Identify the kinds of brands who you want to work with. Make your own list of companies that you want to tackle, those who have the same values that you do. Send inquiry emails and yes, even call them up. Go for it! Post on Facebook that you are ready to head back into the workforce (use parts of that great story above), ask friends and family to spread the word. Join social media groups and post in there too. People support people that are part of their communities. Make sure you add a great picture with you smiling too.

Stop looking for that perfect opportunity, be flexible, try something new, dreams change every day and in every way. Just do it. The possibilities are endless.

TIP #5  – Re-Invest

Let’s face it, tips from us are great but if you are in it to win it then that means getting up and getting out. There are tons of classes to take online to refresh your skills, whether it’s storytelling, social media, computer skills or, hey, even basket weaving (ok just kidding on that one). Pick something that is relevant to you and invest the little amount needed to brush up on your skills or even pick out a new one.  It’s really impressive to an employer when they see that you’ve been out there working on re-educating yourself. Look at all these new skills and information you’ll be bringing to them.

Also, there’s a big women-helping-women movement happening now. Trust us, this is the time, find a new tribe, brush up, score some new skills, help one another and score big.

TIP #6 – Network

Okay sure, you haven’t been on the scene in a hot second but you’re no hermit. Now that you have gotten your confidence back and if you haven’t, then just plan on faking it ‘til you make it. Muster up the courage and the energy and get on out there. Look for local business, cultural and educational groups and events (many of which are free… don’t break the bank here). Search on if you need too. Tell your friends that you are looking to go out and network. Google it. The more you go out the more you will be invited out.

Okay so you can’t make it out at night? How about forming a once a week breakfast group with local women in your area? Calling an old co-worker for coffee? Asking someone you admire out for a walk? The more you talk the taller you will walk. That guy sitting next to you on the train could be the VP of Google who is head of a new woman’s incubator looking for people just like you. What will you say? What will you talk about? The sun, the sky, your new story. JUST GO. There is magic around every corner. Go find it.

TIP #7 – Start Your Own Thing and Start It Now

Okay let’s face it, It’s way harder to find a job when you don’t a have job. It’s a thing, we know. So, what can you do to make money today? As in right now?

You need to consider your mindset here. Do you actually want this dream job or is because you need to make money? Is there something you can do with your passion? Make your own website (FYI…it’s easy on WIX). Were you a former journalist? Why not provide content creation services for big, women-focused companies that need writers for their blogs and social media in the meantime? Used to be a creative director at a top ad agency? Why not create a freelance shop and focus on businesses you love and then pitch your dream job as you would pitch a client?

Reigniting your fire and living your passion helps you shine. It will put the sparkle back in your soul, the pep back in your step. Heck you may be so happy that you actually decide to stay in your current job because you’re so fulfilled everywhere else in life. Also, It gives you something to talk about. It shows that you’re not waiting for opportunity, you’ve taken life by the balls and who doesn’t want to hire a person like that? By starting the motion, your life begins to evolve.

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