Welcome to the Spring Preview!

With Spring just around the corner, I’m more excited than ever to shed the layers of clothing and jump (head first) into spring fashion.

One of the things we often think about first is swim season. Plus-sized women have been conditioned to feel ashamed of their bodies for one reason or another for many years. In recent years, and with the help of many groups, organizations and influencers this new community of women feel empowered and proud of her curves exactly as they are.

Tiina Howell is a designer who saw a need and decided to turn her passion into action. Today we are celebrating her debut swim collection on the cover of PLUS Model Magazine and her new campaign ‘Thiness Does Not Equal Beauty’.

If you look around, the plus size fashion industry is changing.

One notable change was the size expansion happening at Cacique. I had the amazing privilege to be asked to visit the Lane Bryant offices and attend the Cacique Brand Conference along with other influencers. The size expansion is creating a big buzz among the plus size community because not only are they offering larger sizes (50-K) but they are offering 86 sizes which includes the smaller end of the sizing chart. Yes, the skinny girls get Cacique too. 🙂

I took to my Instagram Stories the day after I came back from the conference because the topic is a hot one and I wanted to address the concerns and questions…

– Cacique is not abandoning the plus size community, they are more passionate about us than ever.

– Cacique will offer bras, panties, sleep, and swimwear in all sizes. This is still a work in progress and it’s been a soft launch as they roll out the full expansion of sizes.

– The dedication to what they make for the consumer was very clear. If the product is NOT perfect it does not go into production.

– Imagery is very important to them so you will see larger models and smaller models in their marketing.

– Reviews and social media comments matter! They see it all!

I completely understand the reaction to second guess this decision, but if you know me and have been following me for the last 13 years you know I don’t mince my words and always speak my truth. This is actually a good thing, in the end, we will benefit from this expansion with more options and expert fit.

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