This Size Inclusive Campaign Aims to Show That “Every Body is Beautiful”

It speaks volume when a size inclusive campaign is truly size inclusive.

Too many times we have seen the term “size inclusive” used for campaigns when the models shown are under a size 20. Many of us want more and we challenge brands to push the envelope and not be afraid to show visibly plus size bodies front and center.

And some have been listening.

On the heels of their sister brand Roaman’s launching their #IAMRoamans campaign, Woman Within has now launched their “Every Body is Beautiful” campaign, featuring customers and influencers ages 25-75 and sizes 14-34 to represent the brand’s commitment to serving ALL women.

As we have said many times on this blog, if you look good, you feel good and seeing models that reflect a range of sizes being offered inspires women to buy more because they can get a better idea on how that outfit will look on their body. Seeing a body that looks like yours can be empowering and confidence-building.

We’re loving the direction Fullbeauty Brands is taking with their latest campaigns, especially since a brand like Woman Within has been offering sizes 12 to 44 for over 100 years, based on the core belief that every body is beautiful.

The retailer calls this campaign one “that is an authentic celebration of our customers and includes women of different ages, sizes, and ethnicities“. From looking at the women featured, we can’t help but agree.

In addition to real customers, the faces of this campaign also include plus size style influencers Darlene Lebron of Suits, Heels & Curves, Miranda Schultz of The Plus Life Blog, Allison Kimmey of, and Anna O’Brien of Glitter and Lazers, as well as plus size models/body positive advocates Maxey Greene and Carine C. You can see all the models here.

We love the mix of influencers, models and real customers because it truly shows diversity across the board.

Darlene Lebron of Suits, Heels & Curves shared with us how important this campaign is to her as a plus size petite woman and mom to a young daughter:

“I’m so honored to have worked on this campaign. Not only am I represented as a plus size woman, but also as a petite woman and as a Latina. As a mom to a 1-yr old daughter, it brings a smile to my face to know other young women will finally see someone that looks like them.

It’s so important for young women to see an array of bodies in a major fashion campaign. That is what I want my daughter to see. To know that beauty comes in all forms. We are all worthy of being seen and this campaign proves that. I hope more brands follow suit.”

Miranda Schultz of The Plus Life Blog shared her feelings as a size 26/28 woman being featured in a major campaign, echoing Darlene’s sentiments:

“As a size 26/28 woman, it meant the world to me to be included in this campaign. I rarely see bodies like mine in campaigns and I want all women to see themselves in this too and know that they are beautiful. I believe in this campaign’s message to my core and am honored to be part of what Woman Within is sharing with the world. I’ve been plus size since childhood, and I know it would have meant the world to see imagery like this in media when I was younger. It makes me giddy to think that young girls today can grow up in a world where a message like this exists.”

Here’s some additional images from this empowering campaign:

Click here to see more of the Every Body is Beautiful campaign.

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