Representation Matters: Nike Adds Plus Size Mannequins to its UK Flagship Store

Nike continues to impress us with its inclusive mission.

They’re not there yet but they are making a major effort to evolve.

It started back in July 2016 when Nike launched an Instagram campaign promoting their new Pro-Bra collection. The campaign featured plus model Paloma Elsesser and Trill Yoga‘s Claire Fountain, who are both considered “curvy” and not the standard looking model that their audience was used to seeing.

At the time, Nike made no mention of a size expansion and we felt like they were testing the waters with this campaign to see the reaction from their 4.8 followers on Instagram.

Fast forward three years later… Nike has successfully expanded into plus sizes up to 3X.

The new range, that launched in 2017, has been carefully integrated into its brand in a way where the focus is not to position them as extended sizes, but as an addition that was needed to coincide with the activewear evolution that has taken place in the last few years.

Now with 7.6 million Instagram followers and collaborating with plus size influencers, what was next for Nike?

We all know that plus size stores are becoming extinct and the major brands that have expanded their size ranges still have tons of work to do in terms of giving more exposure to plus size store sections, including mannequins and in-store ads.

So imagine our excitement when we heard the latest news about Nike

The activewear giant unveiled plus size and para-sport mannequins in its new women’s section at their London flagship store, NikeTown.

The third floor is dedicated to women of straight and plus sizes, as well as those para-athletes. We are here for ALL OF THIS. Kudos to Nike for integrating more body representation in-store!

With so many plus size women defying stereotypes on wellness and what bodies of all sizes can do, the need for activewear in this space has become crucial and a growing market.

Now Nike, we’re waiting for you to expand your size range even further to a 5X. If companies like Day/Won, Rsport, Girlfriend Collective, Universal Standard and Juno Active can do it, so can you!

Left: Day/Won, Right: Girlfriend Collective

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