6 Unforgettable Lessons to Remember on Your Birthday

Birthdays are a great time to take stock of what has been happening in your life…

This month I wanted to share the 6 unforgettable lessons I learned on my 33rd birthday.

For me, September is the BEST month of the year. Do you want to know why? 

  1. It’s my birthday month 
  2. It’s Beyoncé’s birthday month 
  3. Fall Fashion Week takes place 
  4. We get to experience the beginning of fall weather 
  5. Halloween is right around the corner 

This year, my 33rd birthday was extremely special.

This past summer my hubby and I moved to Arizona. We proceeded to spend the summer enjoying the dry heat in our backyard pool and getting acclimated to our new surroundings. This was a lot of work with quite some fun and some unexpected events. Let’s discuss the 6 major lessons I have learned for my birthday this month. 

#1 Your Birthday Needs to Be on Your Terms   


I spent the day doing what I wanted, not focusing on what other people wanted me to do. Most birthdays back in New York were usually overwhelmed with dealing with friend and family wishes and wants before my own. I typically found my birthday to be stressful and frustrating. Finally, I had a birthday where I could wake up and decide what I wanted to do for the day. This type of power and control made the day perfect. Did I end up doing something grand or extravagant? No. But, that is not my style. I like hanging at home, doing some work, and relaxing. This was exactly what I wanted. Thus, I had a birthday on my terms! 

#2 Take the Time to Reflect  


Every birthday we have is a privilege and something to be extremely grateful for. It is imperative to take time to reflect on how the previous year went and what you want to accomplish for the new year of life. For me, I am excited to spend my 33rd year focusing on the following: 

  • Moving my body 
  • Listening to what my body tells me 
  • Expanding my network with west coast connections
  • Expanding my comfort zone as a content creator 
  • Reading at least 100 books 
  • Exploring the beautiful state of Arizona  
  • Embracing the possibility of life 

#3 Read Something Good 


I fell in love with reading when I was six years old. It was then that I realized how magical reading could be. Whether you are diving into an intricate fictional world, uncovering the past of someone you admire, or learning how to live your best life, reading will change your life for the better. Taking time to read on my birthday is reinforcement that I am beginning a new year of life learning, growing, and enlightening myself. 

#4 Set Goals for Yourself 


Every birthday is a personal New Year’s celebration. It is a new beginning for yourself. If last year didn’t go as you wanted, you can leave it behind you as you start a new year of life. On your birthday, it is the perfect time to get real with yourself and create a strategy where you decide what specific goals you want to accomplish for the next 365 days. This is how you can make the most of the new year in your life.   

#5 Acknowledge Your Victories 


Growing up, I developed a terrible habit of not celebrating my victories because I was too focused on accomplishing my new goal. This way of living does an injustice to yourself, because you never feel satisfied or proud of yourself as you rack up each accomplishment. Since growing up, I have learned the more that you celebrate each victory (no matter how small or large), the more grateful and eager you are to accomplish a new goal. Now, turning 33, I can spend even more time appreciating and acknowledging my daily, weekly, and monthly victories.  

#6 Be Grateful 


Gratitude is the attitude of choice for a successful life. The more grateful you are for the life you are living, the more likely you are to receive more things to be grateful for in the future. As they say, to give is to receive. This is a principal that works well if you apply it to having a grateful attitude. When I wake up, I think about my gratitude list and write those thoughts in my gratitude journal. I am excited to celebrate my new year of life of being grateful and appreciative of what the universe has in store for me