Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup… Simply FaBOOlous!

Looking for easy Halloween makeup tips and inspiration? You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve stunning Halloween looks, you just need a bit of patience, YouTube tutorials and makeup.

I’ve listed some great items that won’t break the bank and are fun and easy to use. Have fun and feel beautiful! Xoxo Marianne


Decals & Masks:

Whether its rhinestones or lace, nothing makes for a quick costume like face appliques and masks. Make sure the face is free of extra makeup before applying and if areas have a hard time sticking use eyelash glue. 

Face Lace $12.50-$49.95

The first and best in the industry, these face lace appliques add drama and are fool proof. They come is various sizes, colors and shapes. Best part- they’re re-usable!

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Pink Day of the Day Face Tattoo Decals  $5.99

Don’t want to spend hours on a sugar skull? These temporary tattoos are pretty easy to apply! Perfect for kids or husbands who don’t sit still. 

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Rhinestones $10.99

Face jewels (rhinestones) are a great way to add color and bling to your face and complete a costume. These are great for Mermaid, Fairy, and Unicorn makeup. I suggest covering yourself in body glitter and adding the jewels to your face for a very quick and easy costume! 

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Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Face and Body Stencil-Catwalk Zombie $1.99

Want to be a zombie? These stencils are used with cream/grease paint to replicate bites, scratches and veins which can be hard to free hand on our own. These unique character stencils help make creating your look a breeze!

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When in doubt, cover yourself in glitter! These glitter pastes require zero adhesive or glue and they’re perfect for your mermaid or unicorn costumes. Just remove with warm soap and water at the end of the night.

CAI All That Glitters All Over Body & Hair Glitter  $8.95

These glitter pouches contain a ton of glitter in varying sizes and sparkles and apply super easily on hair and skin. I suggest avoiding the face with this glitter as it could scratch your eyes, but its great everywhere else.

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Colourpop Glitter Gel in “Anomaly”  $8

This glitter pot has much smaller glitter particles and is designed for use on the face but you could add it anywhere. I think this glitter is perfect for mermaid and underwater makeup loods but you can use it for anything including sugar skulls. 

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Body & Face Paint:

Oil-based paint (cream paints) needs to be set with translucent powder or similar colored eyeshadow. Water activated paint dries down and doesn’t need to be set but you can use eyeshadow to add dimension once it’s dried. Did you know that these products can be used together to create lots of dimension and details. 

Makeup Designory CFX Wheel $22

MUD’s CFX wheel was specifically chosen by their artists to be used as they are, or to be mixed together, to create fresh bruises, injuries, and undead costume characters. These paints are super easy to use and should be set so they don’t move. 

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Nyx Cosmetics SFX Cream Color  $10

If you just need one color or you need a large pot of color, the Nyx cream color is right for you. Available in 12 shades, these crèmes work great on the face and body. Don’t forget to set. 

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Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ™ Prisma BlendSet $13.95

Prisma BlendSet is a makeup cake (water activated) combined with complementary colors for ease of blending, contouring, highlighting and shadowing. Use all together or individually, to add detail to your Halloween costume. It can be layered over a cream base that’s been set. 

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Wolfe Fx Hydrocolor 6 Color Palettes  $16

The Wolfe Hydrocolor Palettes are wax-based and super easy to use because they won’t crack once dried since skin tends to move. These palettes are very pigmented and comfortable to wear. 

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