This Global Athletic Brand is Ending The Decade on a Plus Size Activewear Note

adidas is making a major move in the plus size activewear space.

And we’re not talking about their plus size activewear collaboration with Universal Standard back in October, which was their first venture into plus sizes.

The brand has now launched their own plus size activewear collection for women with items in sizes 1X – 4X.

If this is adidas’ way of entering the new decade, we are here for IT.

Why is this major?

At a time when mainstream brands are expanding their size ranges up to a 3X and claiming they’re size inclusive, adidas offering up to a size 4X is making a statement. While it’s still not truly size inclusive, it’s a step in the right direction.

Is Nike up for the challenge? We shall see.

According to V Magazine, “adidas is the first major athletic wear brand to include sizes that range from XXS to 4XL, setting a world record for body size inclusivity in the athleisure genre”.

It’s interesting to note that adidas was the one who approached Universal Standard to collaborate on a plus size clothing collection, as told to AdWeek by US co-founder Alex Waldman.

And it was an opportunity that the indie brand could not turn down:

“adidas is obviously a huge global brand, and part of our mission at Universal Standard is to really bring this change to the world. Globally, we’d like to see all brands creating this type of change, where it becomes about accessibility and not about size.”

It seems as if adidas has been planning this for a bit and the Universal Standard collab was a way for them to enter the plus size activewear world strategically and thoughtfully.

Alison Stewart, VP of adidas content development, confirmed this to The Cut by stating:

“This is really just our very first step on a very long journey. The brand will begin to roll out inclusive sizing across all its ranges this fall.”

Image: adidas

adidas also told Teen Vogue in October via a statement:

“Inclusive sizing is an important part of adidas’ commitment to enable more women to participate in sport by creating a more diverse range of products for them. This is the first step in the journey, with much more to come. We are always a work-in-progress and are constantly challenging ourselves. In this instance, it is to continue making sport more accessible to women. We wanted to do this the right way and work with Universal Standard as the true experts who share our commitment to creating a future for women in sport that is without boundaries.”

Author Erin Nicole Celletti went on to write:

“To develop its most inclusive range yet, the brand said it wanted to do it the ‘right way’ by partnering with an expert like Universal Standard who already has a mission to ‘extend fashion freedom across the industry’.”

The plus size activewear collection from adidas features tights and leggings to tops, ranging from XXS to 4X and sports bras in 30A to 48E.

Image: adidas

In terms of fit, AdWeek states:

“Universal Standard brought its fit method to adidas to help create the collection, and adidas plans to use the lessons it learned to bring extended sizing to more of its products down the line. In this method, every size is fitted on a model of that size to make sure the clothes look the same across the collection.”

And we hear that adidas will be partnering with Universal Standard again on a follow-up collection for early 2020.

Image: adidas

At a time where fit in plus size apparel is a key concern, we applaud adidas for starting this journey into plus sizes by partnering with a brand whose mission is to take size out of the conversation and truly fit garments on an array of different sized models, ensuring that fit comes first.

Now if I can get an adidas track suit in a size 4X, I will truly be in total bliss. Here’s to 2020 and what it brings to the plus size clothing market!

You check out the new plus size activewear collection from adidas here.

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