How to Read Over 100 Books in 2020

How to Read Over 100 Books in 2020

Do you want to read over 100 books for the new year?

Not sure how to achieve this new year’s resolution? Here are 5 easy ways to ensure you read more books and expand your mind for 2020!  

#1 Diversify  


It’s a lot harder to read more books if you are stuck reading the “same” type of book. You will get bored and abandon reading completely. Save yourself the heartache and create a reading Wish List for yourself that includes at least 6 genres. This will make you excited and eager to finish each book so you can move on to the next one! 

#2 Read What You Want 


There are tons of book recommendation lists circulating on blogs and social media. These are great resources to help you determine what to add on your reading Wish List, but you ultimately need to choose what you want to read. Just because millions of people love a book doesn’t mean you will. The more strategic and intentional you are about what you read, the more likely it is that you will enjoy reading the books you select. 

#3 Schedule Reading Time 


We make time for what we want. This happens every single year. In 2020, if you are serious about reading more books then you need to schedule time on a daily basis to read. Whether it is 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, you can find the time to read during the day. I suggest reading at lunchtime because you are already feeding your body, why not nourish your brain as well? 

#4 Say No to Distractions 


#5 Accountability

I started the Dressing Room 8 Book Club to hold myself publicly accountable to read every month and discuss the books online. Creating accountability measures in place will help you stay on target with your goals. Once, I set the goal of reading at least 1 book a month, I kicked things into gear and was able to read 112 books in 2019.


Are you ready to read over 100 books this year? Join me at the Dressing Room 8 Book Club!

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