It’s Women’s History Month: Here’s 10 Women Making a Difference In The Plus Size Community

#4: Mary Alice Duff – Designer and Founder, Alice Alexander

During a time where slow, sustainable fashion has now become an important topic that cannot be ignored, Duff takes it a step further, adding inclusivity to that conversation.

Her ethically and sustainably made women’s apparel brand Alice Alexander is truly size inclusive, where she designs for ALL sizes. As noted on their website:

“We’re on a mission to radically change the fashion industry to one that is inclusive of ALL BODIES and is respectful of people and planet.”

The way Duff and her team accomplish this is by creating each garment on a made-to-order basis. They create and produce each piece in the US and sell them directly to their customers.

Duff’s commitment to sustainability and ethics doesn’t end there. She uses her brand to educate customers on slow fashion and all things inclusive, ethical and sustainable via her weekly newsletter titled Monday Musings. She has used her newsletter to also further the conversation about individuals investing in themselves via slow fashion and knowing they are worth it.

Duff recently announced that she has partnered with Brit Reed of Tesoro Leather Studio to have a weekend long event in Philadelphia on May 16 – 17, 2020 called Slow for All: An immersive slow fashion experience striving towards inclusivity. The event aims to celebrate inclusive, sustainable, ethical fashion and includes speakers, panels and vendors.

It’s exciting to see slow fashion become front and center, and how Duff is also ensuring that plus size women are not left out of the conversation.


To find out more about the Slow For All event in Philadelphia and purchase tickets:

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