It’s Women’s History Month: Here’s 10 Women Making a Difference In The Plus Size Community

#6: Callie Thorpe – Blogger, Public Speaker and Podcast Host at The Confidence Corner

Ironically, Thorpe started her blog in 2012 to detail her weight loss journey and share what she wanted to change about her appearance. After becoming obsessed with numbers on the scale and writing negative things about herself, she started to seek out plus size fashion blogs online and that inspired her to change her mindset and start over.

She set up a new blog to document her journey to confidence and never looked back. Eight years later, she is now known as the “Queen of Confidence” by her massive social media audience and has created a platform that inspires others to be more confident. We love that idea of paying it forward with confidence.

Thorpe has since been featured in major campaigns for brands such as Nike, Anthropologie, Simply Be, Etsy UK, River Island and Clinique. And she now has a podcast called The Confidence Corner.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Thorpe and her platform of having confidence while on a journey to loving your body unapologetically.