10 Body Positive Affirmations to Remember

10 Body Positive Affirmations to Remember

Body Positive Affirmations –

Body Positive Affirmations – When you refuse to love yourself, you are robbing yourself of precious time and joy. This is such an unnecessary tragedy. You will never be perfect. Why? Perfection is a fiction.

“You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.” — Jessica Ortner 

When you look in the mirror, you should only smile at your incredibly beautiful and unique body. Any other response is unworthy of what you truly deserve.  Need help embracing your remarkable self? Here are 10 body positive affirmations that you can commit to memory for your ongoing self-love journey! 

#1 – “My body deserves to be loved and adored.” 


If you do not honor your body, you are telling the world it is okay to disrespect you. This is never okay!  

#2 – “Imperfections don’t exist. Every scar and stretch marks are powerful symbols of strength.”  


When we stop idolizing a standard of beauty that is not real, the easier it is to accept just how beautiful and remarkable our bodies really are. 

#3 – “There is only one version of me. Every day I wake up excited to share myself with the world.” 


There is no one on the earth exactly like you. This is both powerful and deeply moving. Never forget this fact. 

#4 – “I don’t need to compare my body to anyone else. I am too busy celebrating my sexy self!”  


 You know you are badass. Stop acting like you do not know this to be true.  

#5 – “My body is strong enough to handle the wonders that life has to offer.” 


Do you ever wonder if you have the strength to get through the day? Guess what? The answer is always YES!   

#6 – “When I need to rest, I will listen to the wisdom of my mind and body.” 


When you listen to your body, you eliminate the risk of running yourself ragged or ignoring warning flags that something is wrong. Love yourself enough to actually listen to yourself. 

#7 – “I am proud of who I am. I am blessed with what I have. I am excited to be my unique self in this world.” 


You ALWAYS need to hype yourself up in this world. If you are not your #1 advocate, who will do it for you? 

#8 – “I am more than enough for myself and the world.” 


You do not need to prove anything to anyone else. Who you are and what you do will be determined by yourself.  

#9 – “I will ask for what I want at all times.” 


Whether you are a fan of WAP or not, you need to remember the importance of asking for what you want in this world. Whether it is at work or in the bedroom ? 

#10 – “I am so in love with myself and it feels oh so good.” 


The more that you love yourself, the more the universe will endow upon you more opportunities to love your incredible self. Okkuurrr!!! 

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