Self-Love Issue, Featuring Fluvia Lacerda

Self-Love Issue, Featuring Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda was our very first cover model in 2006 and has graced our cover a total of 8 times.

PLUS Model Magazine - August 2020 Featuring Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda is much more than a model with a pretty face, she’s been an advocate for visibly plus-size models and true representation in marketing for over two decades.

When we spoke to Fluvia on Instagram LIVE last month she talked about losing jobs simply because she resisted to change who she was. Instead, she created a name for herself and a brand that has brought her success and hundreds of thousands of fans who watch her on Beleza GG on E!.

This month we are celebrating “Self-Love” with the model who has been fighting to normalize plus size bodies for over two decades, Fluvia Lacerda.

1 - Self Love, PLUS Model Magazine with Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia on how she got started:

I was on a city bus in Manhattan one day and this woman approached me and asked me if I modeled. I was a nanny at the time and did not even know that I could be a model at my size. She worked for MODE Magazine (a plus-size magazine) and gave me her card and that’s how I started to get to know about plus-size modeling.

2-Self Love, PLUS Model Magazine with Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda on being asked to lose weight in order to be a successful model:

I lost a lot of jobs because I would not go down below a size 18. A lot of models did it, they wanted to make the money so they went for it. To me, it felt like I was not being genuine about my intentions. There are many big girls who would identify with my body so I just could not understand why they wanted me to lose weight.

Plus Size Beachwear
Plus Plus Size Beachwear

Fluvia on the bubble that was overthrown by social media:

Years ago I grew to understand that the pressure to lose weight was coming from people in positions of power within the industry. It was not the industry as a whole. I stood my ground because it was worth it to be an advocate. We said it was wrong and we fought for the right to love our bodies.

4-Self Love, PLUS Model Magazine with Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia on the term ‘Body Positive’:

I feel that many terms like ‘Body Positive’ are being used by brands and people to trampoline their careers and/or brands. But in the two decades that have passed, we are still not seeing visibly plus size models as the “norm” in our industry.

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Fluvia on the legacy she wants to leave behind:

I hope that I’m remembered for working very hard and pushing myself to work and create a space to talk about the reality of this industry and how to properly market to plus-sized women.

Fluvia on becoming a successful model:

I definitely did not have it easy, it’s always been some obstacle or challenge. I never let it stop me because I knew I was good at what I was doing. I never sat back and waited, I watched, I learned and created a space for myself and others like me.

If you want to model, you have to be a PACKAGE! It’s not only about having a pretty face, but it’s also about making good business decisions, developing yourself and the branding aspect, how do you want people to see you?”

I’ve built my brand on being authentic and that’s most important to me.


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