Birth of PLUS Model Magazine

The year was 2006 and I was the Empowerment Editor at an online magazine…

My friend and plus-size model, Fluvia Lacerda, sent me one of her new photos from a test she did with an amazing photographer. I immediately sent it to my boss to see if she can submit it for a cover. The feedback we received was… it’s too much, too racy for the industry.

Fluvia Lacerda, Madeline Jones and Allison McGevna

Just a few weeks later the magazine had folded and my boss pitched the idea of PLUS Model Magazine to me, she knew the future of the industry would be representative of that photo Fluvia had sent to me. Women were asking to be SEEN and the editors and people in positions of power were not listening. Remember, we did not have any social media back then.

Fluvia’s image was the catalyst to PLUS Model Magazine’s birth.

My boss, Valery Amador became my business partner, and the picture that started it all became our very first cover.

Fluvia Lacerda - 1st Cover Model for PLUS Model Magazine

This month Fluvia is back!

Fourteen years after her very first cover with PLUS Model Magazine, she talks about her very challenging road to success, how different the industry was, and how much more it still needs to do to be truly representative of the consumer.

As her friend, I’m in awe of the strong woman I see in front of me, as her colleague I admire her drive to create change and to bring us all along with her.

Madeline Jones and Fluvia Lacerda

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