Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself should not be an extraordinary mission, it should be taught at home and celebrated in society.

Instead, we are inundated with marketing that speaks self-doubt into the minds of young children who grow up to be adults with self-esteem issues. Some of those same adults will act and teach their children about the unattainable beauty standards society promotes and the cycle continues. Except, we are living in unprecedented times, and young children and adults alike are waking up to their full potential and molding a life they want to lead. A life that includes self-love and body positivity.

How do we continue to change the narrative? Yes, use our voice and educate the generation behind us but also by celebrating the steps people and brands are taking to accomplish a more inclusive world. I personally don’t subscribe to the “complaining culture” that I see on social media. Complain and complain but where is your plan? Or is your plan to just sit and complain? I’m about action and being completely transparent.

Loving Yourself

If you want to continue to see change, use your voice to encourage change, celebrate what you see that’s changing, and support the people and brands who are championing for a more inclusive world.

This month we are celebrating Black History Month by bringing you features of extraordinary people in the plus-size community that have paved the way for the industry we enjoy today.

XOXO Maddy