Whitney Thor, NO BS ACTIVE

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE…

PLUS Model Magazine - April 2021 - Test 3

I remember many years ago we did a feature on working out and we got flooded with emails from our readers about how disappointed they were that “WE” would be advocating weight loss. In the article, there was never any mention of weight loss but the perception was that if you were working out, then you are trying to lose weight to be skinny.

Fast forward almost ten years later and working out in a plus-size body is much more accepted and in part it’s due to people like our cover model Whitney Thore.

From the moment she went viral in her dancing video plus-sized people were inspired to move their own bodies. Since 2015 Whitney has been sharing her journey with us via TLC’s ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life.’ The show chronicles her journey through her personal lens and has inspired us to live our most amazing life in the body we are in right now.

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE

PMM: Movement has always been such a big part of your brand. And for those of us that live in plus-size bodies, we know that we are not always encouraged to do it publically. Tell us about your passion for dance and movement?

Whitney Thore: I’ve always been a dancer and an athlete, no matter my size, but when I first found myself in a bigger body, I thought I didn’t have permission to do the things I loved anymore. Reclaiming my spot in fitness and dance spaces not only made me stronger physically but has also helped my mental health tremendously. No BS Active is the way I can help other people experience the benefits of movement as well.

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE

I remember when PMM did a feature on plus size activewear and movement in PMM many years ago, and we got hate mail! Things definitely have changed over the last 5  years and we see a lot more people embracing movement thanks to people like you. Tell me about NO BS ACTIVE.

No BS Active is a fitness and lifestyle app for EVERY BODY. Whether you are big or small, old or young, an athlete or a beginner, No BS Active will work for you! We offer an extensive library of video content, including 25 new workouts each month, 5 new stretch sessions each month, 10 new meditations each month, over a hundred tutorials and so, so much more like mini dance classes and a confidence course.

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE

What makes NO BS ACTIVE different than anything else that is out there on the market?

No BS Active is a fitness app designed thoughtfully for people of all sizes, ages, and fitness abilities. We pride ourselves on modifying movement to accommodate our subscribers!

Even now there are people that will doubt themselves before doing something new even if they want to do it. What words of encouragement do you have for those people that struggle with self-esteem?

No BS Active is a safe and supportive environment full of encouragement. I find that people are always capable of so much more than they know—it just takes one tiny step after another to realize it.

Whitney Thore, NO BS ACTIVE

How can we join NO BS ACTIVE?

On November 1, the No BS Active app will be available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play store, the Roku channel store, and the Amazon App Store! You will also be able to purchase the app from

Photos, Hope Rollins