How to Stop Expecting Others to Act like You

How to Stop Expecting Others to Act like You

People are different. We all have our own unique personalities, and we all have different ways of doing things.

That’s why it’s so important to learn how to stop expecting other people to act like you. If you expect others to be like you, you’re going to be disappointed every time they don’t follow your lead. You can’t force them into being just like you, and even if they wanted to, they couldn’t do it without sacrificing their own personality. When you learn how to stop expecting others to act like you, it will change everything about the way that people respond to you—and vice versa!

Here are some steps that will help: 

1) Be aware of what’s happening around you. 


Are there any patterns? Do certain things keep happening repeatedly? Do certain things only happen once or twice? What can you learn from these patterns? Are there any patterns in your own behavior? If so, how do those patterns relate back to the ones that seem universal among humans?

2)   Accept the beauty of being you.  


The fact is that some people aren’t going to be like you no matter what you do, so trying to make them conform is just going to make things harder on everyone involved—and only serve as a reminder of all the ways in which we differ from one another. So instead of trying so hard to get others to conform, why not focus on being yourself instead? 

3) Realize that everyone has their own set of experiences that shape how they behave. 


Just because someone doesn’t do things exactly like you does doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them; it just means that their experiences have led them down another path than yours did! No two people have the same past experiences. It’s our differences that allow us to have different perspectives and approaches.  This is what makes life truly interesting! 

4) Honest and transparency is a must! 


Be honest with yourself about what you want from other people. If there is something that you really want from another person (such as help with a project), communicate this clearly so that there are no misunderstandings or conflicts later down the road when they don’t fulfill those expectations! 

5)  Expectations are just that—expectations! 


The only person whose behavior is truly under your control is yours. So, while it’s okay if someone doesn’t act exactly like you, it’s important that you don’t expect them to do so. If you find yourself getting upset because someone isn’t acting like they should be acting, take a step back and ask yourself why this is upsetting you so much. Are there parts of yourself that are being triggered by this person’s behavior? If so, try focusing on those parts of yourself instead of trying to force the other person into being different than they are. 

Sadly, when we look around at society today, we see all kinds of expectations placed on how people should act—especially when it comes to gender roles! Girls are supposed to be quiet and demure; boys are supposed to be strong and brave; girls should wear skirts; boys should wear pants… the list goes on! 

But here’s the thing: these expectations aren’t true! We’re all unique individuals with our own preferences. In fact, it’s up to you to decide how you want to show up in this world (no matter what). The world is a big place, and everyone is different. We all have different personalities, and we’ve all got our own ways of doing things. 

It’s time to let go of those expectations because no one is going to live their lives the same way that you would. Instead of trying to change others—or expecting them to change themselves so they can be more like you—why not just accept them for who they are? After all, who knows better than you what makes YOU happy? If someone else wants to live a different kind of life than yours, respect them enough to support them in their choices and try not to judge or criticize them for doing so!