Redefining the Bridal Experience

Redefining the Bridal Experience

Redefining the Bridal Experience…

Most movies make the wedding gown shopping experience a wonderful scene where the bride-to-be walks into the store with her family and closest friends and after a few try-ons, finds the gown of her dreams and walks out in total bliss.

If you are plus-sized this most likely has not been your experience and it was not for Curinne Polizzi, Founder of Ivory & Main, so she decided to do something about it. Without giving it all away, Curinne postponed her own wedding to ‘Redefine the Bridal Experience’ for herself and anyone else who found themselves in a similar situation.

Today Ivory & Main offers plus-size brides the experience that should be afforded to everyone.

Stay tuned for an exciting interview AND exclusive look at the Ivory & Main location as PLUS Model Magazine travels to give you an experience you don’t want to miss!

This month we are focusing on those people who are changing the narrative on so many levels just like our cover model Currine Polizzi. You don’t have to be a “celebrity” to use your voice and create your change… these individuals are proving that with passion anything is possible.

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