The Influencer Issue

The Influencer Issue: Interview With Richmond Rockson

Interview With Influencer Richmond Rockson…

Influencers have changed the landscape of the fashion industry by offering people style inspiration outside of traditional marketing.

For our cover models, Richmond and Richlove Rockson, working as models/influencers their work means more than that. It’s an opportunity to offer representation for those who fall outside of the “traditional” body shapes and gender norms.


It’s clear that style comes naturally for these siblings but more importantly, their focus is to inspire their followers to love and accept themselves and show that there are no boundaries in fashion.

Get to know cover model Richmond Rockson…

How would you describe your personal fashion aesthetic?

Personally, I would describe my fashion aesthetic as “Street-classy.“ I like to combine street-style elements with elements of the classic tailored man look.

Best Dressed-Richmond-

What prompted you to become a fashion influencer? Have you always loved fashion?

I have always loved fashion since I was a kid. I used to design clothes in my bedroom instead of going out and playing soccer as most boys did at that young age. Funny enough, my mom would always get mad because we would run out of paper all the time, due to the amount I was drawing.

As an influencer how do you hope to inspire anyone who comes across your images or this interview?

I aspire to inspire people to wear whatever they want and try something new. My style is very androgynous, meaning most of my looks are a combination of pieces from the women’s and men’s sections. I want my viewers to understand that fashion has no gender and by separating it into people, we are missing out on the full beauty and potential of fashion.

Best Dressed-Richmond-

You are in Germany, can you tell us about the plus-size fashion industry? How has it changed and what do you hope to see happen in the future?

Here in Germany, the industry has changed a lot! However, there is still space to grow. Online a lot of brands offer bigger or extended sizes. However, these extended sizes are not available in stores. In the future, I wish to see that change. Also, I would love to see extended sizes for the entire range of garments brands offer. Not just selected pieces. Brands tend to offer plus-size exclusive collections. However, from personal experience, I can say that these are most of the time very plain and not as “Cool“ or “Fashionable“ as the collections offered for commercial sizes.

Best Dressed-Richmond-

How important is it for you and how do you hope to change the narrative in the fashion industry?

Diversity and inclusion are very impossible for me as I personally do not fit into the Eurocentric beauty standard. I wish for brands to execute true diversity and for the concept of seeing different faces, bodies, shapes, and skin tones not to be something special anymore. But rather very common. Because then, no one would have to feel like they are not part of the dome beauty standard. With my style and my imagery, I hope to showcase to brands and to everyone else, that everyone is and can be beautiful.

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