Can One Person Create Change? Yes!

Can One Person Create Change? Yes!

From the outside, progress looks organized, pretty, and seamless…

From the inside the time, effort, and sleepless nights are experienced by those brave enough to carry the torch to disrupt what is for what should be… this is so true for many people I’ve come to know in the plus size industry… and for my friend and executive producer of The SUstyleXpo – Suzanne Ujaque.

As we celebrate 10 years of advocacy for all women with an emphasis on the plus-size community, Suzanne has done what no other has done on the island of Puerto Rico. Raise awareness, create change, and do it without any apologies for her outspoken truth about the lack of plus size awareness, acceptance, and options for this segment of people.

With countless TV appearances, radio shows, and newspaper and magazine features Suzanne has changed the way Puerto Rico is looking at plus size fashion and the consumer… with all the accomplishments Suzy is just getting started and is announcing a new incentive which we talked about in our cover feature.

One woman, and yes she has a team working with her now, but it was her passion and willingness to learn, try and fail in order to succeed that has created so may changes. Can one person create change? Yes! And Suzanne Ujaque is living proof of that.

Can One Person Create Change? Yes!

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XOXO Maddy