“Not A Size 2”… Olan Montgomery’s New Book Celebrating Curves

“Not A Size 2”… Olan Montgomery’s New Book Celebrating Curves

by Tiffany B.

NYC pop artist Olan Montgomery has captivated audiences for years with his personal renditions of real life through paint and photo.  Recently, Olan released his latest look book, “Not A Size 2”, which features a collection of his fine photography of the plus size woman.  Let’s get to know a bit more about Olan.

[Tiffany] Olan:  being that I am a huge art fan I was especially excited to talk to you about your passion of painting and photography.  Your latest look book, Not A Size 2, is exquisite.  You captured the true essence of a plus-size woman and I even saw a few familiar faces!  What inspired you to start that project?

[Olan] We live in a society where fashion and pop culture has morphed the human silhouette into this unhealthy, almost starving, persona.  ‘Extreme skinny’ is being shoved down our throats every time we pick up a magazine or see any ad involving a model.  I did this book because of my nieces and how [this mentality] is affecting them in high school, one being thin and the other “not a size 2.”

[Tiffany] What was your personal experience with shooting the plus models in your book?  Was it any different from your previous work?

[Olan] Shooting a plus model is no different than shooting anyone else. That’s the problem right there – we make a difference. These women are beautiful and the minute you question a roll or an angle simply because in your mind you want the person to look ‘thinner’ you are NOT seeing their beauty and trying to make them conform to a stupid standard.  My personal experience is to see the beauty of the individual standing before you.

[Olan] The difference in doing this book is that it is simply photographs to show these women as they are. I may one day become an art project for me to paint but right now it was important to present a book of wonderful and inspiring plus models.

[Tiffany] What feedback have you received about “Not A Size 2”?

[Olan] People really love it. It does not ‘thin bash’ even though every day I pick of a fashion magazine I am personally headed there. *laughs* It simply presents these women with their wonderful and inspiring commentaries about themselves and why they are proud to be who and what they are.

[Tiffany] I noticed you used different shapes, sizes and ethnicities in your book.  Why was it important for you to have that sort of diversity in your book?

[Olan] All you have to do is walk down the street for the answer to this question. Women come in all shapes and sizes, we all do. That is what makes us wonderful.

[Tiffany] I read that your message as an artist has always been: “see the individual through color
and light. By doing so, one’s individuality can be more fully understood.”  What have you come to understand more about people through your artistry?

[Olan] I’ve come to understand nothing and that is why I continue to paint people. Once I’ve figured it out I will let you know.  I can tell you once you think you have a clue or some insight into the complexities of what it is to be human it all changes.

[Tiffany] Are there any projects coming up we can be on the lookout for?

[Olan] I’ve just finished a yearlong project of painting the locals of Rehoboth Beach , DE and now my over seven year project of my book, “Pop-Art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway” is finally out. You can purchase it through my website,

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