Interview with Dance Your Azz Off Contestant Karla Guy

Interview with Dance Your Azz Off Contestant Karla Guy

This past Summer audiences enjoyed a reality show that incorporated dance and weight loss – while some of the audience would have rather watch a dance show that did not incorporate a weight loss aspect, Oxygen’s Dance Your Azz Off was still a huge success. Once contestant, Karla Guy, was particularly memorable as she found humor in all aspects of her experience and this month she brings a lighthearted view of her experience to PLUS.

[Maddy] Tell us a little about yourself… Were you always the “funny” kid in class?

[Karla] “Long before I knew what it was called… I was the Comedienne of the family; everyone should have one. ” I moved around a lot when I was little which has made me who I am today. I always had to make new friends each time we moved. Sometimes I was popular, sometimes I wasn’t but what stayed constant was my innate ability to make people laugh. I was always and will always be the “funny kid in class” (lol and getting in trouble too! ~boy did I have all the fun)

[Maddy] At what point did you know you wanted to be in the entertainment industry?

[Karla] I don’t recall the moment that I said I wanted to become an entertainer, I think I just always knew. My mother once told me when I was younger I used to say, “When I grow up I’m going to be a famous singer.” The acting bug first bit me when I played a turtle in second grade. I used to sing and dance around the house like Shirley Temple and my favorite singer was Judy Garland.

[Maddy] We all know that “Hollywood” does not openly embrace people with meat on their bones. How have you been able to successfully make a name for yourself?

[Karla] It’s been tough but I think Hollywood is becoming more diverse in casting in regards to all types and the standard cookie cutter platform is becoming more mixed.

[Maddy]  Tell me about why you decided to compete for a spot on the Oxygen Channel show Dance Your Azz Off.

[Karla] I made a decision about two years ago that I would do whatever it took to lose weight. I bought every book known to man on weight loss. When the opportunity came to be on Dance Your Ass Off I said ok this is your opportunity to make a change and finally get healthy in a fun way!

[Maddy] Could you tell us about your experience on the show? Was it as much fun as it looked?

[Karla] Let’s just say the hard work was equal to the fun we had. We had 2 hrs of dance rehearsal with our partners about 4 times a week. We also worked out 2 hours a day on our own and we had a trainer twice a week.  My favorite part of the show was performing in front of a live audience. Being on the show was really a life changing experience.

[Maddy]  Learning dance routines is not easy. How did you handle this challenging task?

[Karla] Wow, hmmmm? Let’s just say staying focused and practice, practice, practice. We had these flip cameras to record our rehearsals so I spent a lot of time reviewing our dance and then just practicing. My partner Jull Weber really worked hard to make my two left feet look good. (smiles)

[Maddy] How much weight did you ultimately lose on the show?

[Karla] When eliminated in the third week during Pole Dance Week I had lost a total of 15lbs.  I lost 9.5 lbs the first week, which was truly amazing, but I worked really hard.

[Maddy] There are some people that were not happy with the show because of the weight loss aspect of it. Did this discourage you in any way?

[Karla] That was my main motivation for going on the show. I mean who wouldn’t want to Dance your Ass Off, Lose weight, and get healthy now why didn’t I think of that?

[Maddy] Will you incorporate dancing in your daily work out routine?

[Karla] I do find myself doing more dance classes at the gym because it’s fun and you don’t feel like you are working out. The hardest part of exercise is finding the time to do it and motivating yourself to go! I’m a busy girl (and I’m not making excuses) sometimes the gym is not an option so I have a mini trampoline (rebounder) in my living room.  Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, that’s me on my rebounder! I usually do about 20-30 min.

Thank you Karla, you certainly have a magnetic personality that shines through and we wish you continued success in all that you do.

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