How The Term Supermodel Came About

How The Term Supermodel Came About

Hi, I would like to know how the term “supermodel” came about and how it applies to the Plus side of modeling. How does one achieve the status of “supermodel”?

That term “supermodel”  is used more often in the media and I just recently started hearing it in more in the Plus world of modeling. Here is an article I found that highllights the term and it’s use.

Written by Lisa Fonssagrives for the website… “The official distinction between model and supermodel is the subject of much debate and discussion. But as supermodel Heidi Klum simply puts it, ‘Supermodel’ means you’re a household name as a fashion model.”

The term supermodel was first coined in 1943—the time of Lisa Fonssagrives, who appeared widely on fashion magazine covers—but many models, including Suzy Parker in 1956, and even the self-proclaimed supermodel Janice Dickinson in 1979, have been labeled the first-to-rise-to-supermodel status. As models drive their profession to new heights, requirements to be “super” continue to evolve—however, instant recognizability beyond the fashion world continues to be the critical factor in attaining a supermodel title.”

The only “supermodels” of the plus size world that I personally think fit that description are Emme, Gwen DeVoe, and Sharon Quinn since these women have continued outside of their own personal modeling careers and have created other ventures. Crystal Renn is considered that status as well…but I don’t personally know of other outside work she does (which doesn’t mean she doesn’t).

I think, as far as marketing goes, a lot of models use it to promote themselves. I have read of models, whom I’ve never heard of before, call themselves “Supermodels”. I just kinda chuckle, because I am always learning and definitely do not know it all, but find it strange that I do not know of these “so-called” supermodels. But kudos to those who proclaim that they are, because hopefully it helps promote the plus size modeling market even further.

As I always tell my readers…it is all about self-promotion! This business comes with all types of beauty and personalities and we are the richer for it. Go forth and set a path and break the barriers….because if you are good at what you do…others will praise you for it too!