Plus Size Model Mia Amber Davis Passes Away But Leaves Her Legacy Behind

Plus Size Model Mia Amber Davis Passes Away But Leaves Her Legacy Behind

I still remember meeting Mia Amber Davis at a Plus Academy open house many years ago. She had scripted a monologue and was performing it in front of everyone. She had a little round mirror, and would look at herself in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful!” and then tell us all the things that society were saying about us that was negative, and then go back to the little mirror and say “I’m beautiful!”. It was almost like a speech and she wanted everyone to know, that despite what anyone out there says “we were beautiful”. Mia stood up and received a standing ovation and I was in love with the Road Trip star from that day.

As the years went by, we traveled together – worked together and have seen each other through the ups and downs of life. I was seven month’s pregnant when we got the call from the producers of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency show, and when I was not cleared to travel to be on the show, it was Mia who faced Janice and boldly stood up to her. Mia was not a confrontational person, but she knew how to face her opponents, and she faced Meme Roth on CNN (watch video here), the year after the Janice Show, again proving that she was much more than just a model, but a role model we could look up to.

What you have read on Facebook is all true, Mia Amber was an angel – a compassionate person who always thought about others before herself. She always stopped to speak with anyone who asked for her time, and never felt she was too good to help, encourage or comfort anyone.

Mia was a super model and industry leader because it was her love for the women she represented that kept pushing her when the industry itself did not embrace her. Anyone else would have given up, but Mia remained steadfast in her career, knowing that she was not just doing it for her own benefit, but for women of all ages. Never one to put anyone down, Mia was about lifting up people and connecting them with others to help them on their journey and never asking for anything in return.

I have so many stories running through my head, so many experiences and laughs we shared, and as I sit here with a heavy heart, I pray that her life and everyone’s stories will motivate all of us to live a healthy life (Mia was about being healthy at your size), a positive life (supporting and being kind to others), and walking through life as a loving person. Seems nearly impossible in this day and age, but this is who Mia was and who we should strive to be like every day. Let’s not take anyone for granted, and live each day with love in our hearts while living it to the fullest – this is what Mia would want her legacy to be.

Today we lost our dear friend, plus size model, industry leader and colleague but we have one more heavenly angel watching over us.

Please keep Mia’s mother, husband, family and friends in your prayers.

Rest in Peace my love.