PMM Wish List: 10 Bloggers Size 22+ We’d Love to See in Fashion Campaigns

[tps_title]#4: Corissa of Fat Girl Flow[/tps_title]

Corissa Fat Girl Flow

Corissa is unapologetically plus size and proud and we LOVE it! She is what I call a “fashion activist”. She is beautiful, confident and not afraid to dare to be different. She wears crop tops, mini skirts, shows off her belly, etc… she’s inspiring and refreshing to see among the sea of bloggers we have out there now. She’s authentic, stands out in the crowd and the girl has style for days! And please note that the middle image above is of her wearing Melissa McCarthy’s new Seven7 jeans so you can actually see them on someone who is larger than a size 16. This is why we need to see more bloggers of varying shapes and sizes out there.

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