The 40+ Blogger Series: Lisa of

If you’re 40 or older, you have had a front seat to the evolution of plus size fashion in the last few decades.

When I hear 20-something year-old’s complain about how limited plus size fashion is, I always tell them, “You have no idea. What’s available now is leaps and bounds from where we used to be.

Add being over a size 24 to that and you really know the struggle that we had to endure in the 70’s and 80’s.

With that said, we thought it would be interesting, as well as insightful, to spotlight 12 plus size fashion bloggers over 40 in a weekly series, chatting with them about their style, favorite trends and how their fashion choices have evolved over the years.

This week, the 40+ Blogger Series features the sophisticated and beautiful Lisa of

Blogging since: 2015

Age: 45

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How would you describe your style right now in one sentence?

I would describe my style as classic, conservative yet chic. I wear what looks and feels good on me.

What were your favorite brands and trends when you were in your 20’s?

I actually fell for the denim overall with one strap down trend, biker shorts and multicolored socks and shoes. I was young, Lord forgive me. I also thought life would end, if I didn’t have something by Guess, Adidas, Polo and Nike.

What are your favorite brands and trends now?  

It’s all about the maxi for me. Maxi skirts and dresses; I also love a nice kimono. I’m a Lane Bryant girl. Other than that, I am not brand loyal. I love rich pieces and prefer quality over quantity.lsn2


How has your style changed over the years? Did your body image affect the way you dressed?

Over the years, I have become more comfortable with being me. I am settled in the skin I’m in and I OWN my style. I don’t feel the need to be a copycat or follow what I see other bloggers wearing. I’ve learned to leave most of the trends for the young and daring. I concentrate on wearing what fits my body and my personality. I enjoy shopping my own closet and rediscovering pieces I forgot I had.

What advice would you offer your younger self when it comes to fashion and body positivity?

My advice to Lisa of yesteryear is simple, “Girl love you enough to be YOU!” Unapologetically, choose YOU, time and time again.lsn4

What trends are you happy to see return this fall and winter?

Dark rich colors and layers; lots and lots of LAYERS!

Who are some of your style inspirations in the blogger world?

I absolutely adore Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry, Kim Postell of The Natural Fashionista and Mimi G of Mimi G Style.lsn6

What trends are you looking forward to this spring?

I am so not a “girlie girl” but I am excited about the rebirth of floral prints, soft pastels and blush.

What are your plans for the blog in 2017?

I am planning a total blog makeover. I want to do an overall face-lift of my layout and change direction with my content. I’m taking a photography class this summer to improve my picture quality and I want to create a release schedule so I can be more consistent. Blogging is a new endeavor for me. I am learning and evolving daily. I’m looking forward to the journey.lsn7

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You can check out Lisa’s blog Unapologetically Lisa here.

You can find her on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Check back next Tuesday on the blog to see who we feature next in our 40+ Blogger Series.