Barbie Gets a Fashion Makeover by Christian Siriano

We have to ask, is there anything this man CAN’T do?!?

Designer Christian Siriano continues to WOW us in all he does. On the heels of dressing hip-hop star Cardi B in true Cinderella fashion for the Diamond Ball to his diverse NYFW show that included plus size models, we thought we had seen it all until now.

The fashion-inclusive designer has now added Barbie to the list of things he has put his magic fashion touch on. The iconic doll was given a “makeover” in Siriano’s designs, inspired by some of his best red carpet celebrity looks.

The dolls Siriano dressed in his custom designs are from Barbie’s recent body diverse collection that launched last year. 

From actress Leslie Jones’ stunning custom red gown to the stunning yellow two-piece pantsuit worn by Solange, Siriano enforces his belief in body positivity and fashion for everyone. He’s not only paying homage to these beautiful women who have worn his designs but showing that fashion comes in many forms.

He said in an official statement:

“Barbie has always been a huge inspiration to me and I’m honored to be teaming up with this iconic brand. It’s especially exciting to be designing an array of inclusive and diverse doll looks that can allow girls to see themselves better represented when they play.”

He told People Magazine earlier this year:

“When we’re making clothes, we imagine how women feel if they can’t find something that they feel good in. So that’s the challenge. I think women are becoming more confident, they’re embracing their bodies and celebrating themselves. But there’s so much going on in our world politically, and just there’s so much craziness that I think fashion should be your one outlet to have fun and play. It’s a feel-good thing. It’s an escape from the rest of the hate going on. So that’s what fashion should be. I think that’s what hopefully most women feel like more and more now.”

Yesss! Unfortunately, the dolls are not for sale but we’re hoping Mattel will change its mind after seeing how much so many people love this one-of-a-kind series because we are sure it will sell out quickly.

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